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    In the spanish RR forum that I frequent more, we have compiled a lot of pictures of ads that could be seen in Spain in different ages (Firestone, Cola-Cao, Pamplona-San Fermín, and so).

    They are in GIF and JPG formats, compressed into a ZIP file. The are in good size so you can print them to the desired scale.

    I know that there aren't many spanish modelers here, but some of you can find them useful for model mexican RRs (the signs are in spanish).

    The ZIP file can be downloaded here (just press the button labeled «DESCARGAR»). There are also some brief instructions (in spanish) about how to print the ads. The file is 7890KB, so it can take a while to download if you are in dial-up:

    As sample, this are three ads -reduced in size- («Pamplona-San Fermín» 1952, «Estrella Dorada Beer» 1962, and «Cola-Cao» 1965):

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  2. Somehow, Javier, you made me think about my early years spending vacations in Andalucia... especially with the Cola-Cao ad....

    Maybe I can have some use for them... Don't you have some of the ad's used usually at the border's with Portugal? And those with the Bull to be placed near the roads?
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    Hi, Ricardo.

    What ads were used at the borders with Portugal? Let me know and maybe I can find some.

    Here you can see some other ads for «Cola-Cao»:

    The «Osborne» Bull is a well know icon in Spain (it was also used in Mexico) but, if I'm not wrong, it always has been a +40-feet high billboard only, and I don't remember to have seen it in poster type.

    Here is:

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  5. First, about the "Osborne" bull (thanks, I didn't remember the name) is exactly that... the silhouette of the bull that I was interested in...

    About ads near the border I can remember some of them about the bullfights in Sevilha, the Cola-Cao ones nad many more... I'm going to try to find some more information in my old photos....

    Thanks for the link!
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    Now, that's a lot of Bull! :D :D :D
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    Yes, Jon. I remember my childhood, when car-traveling with my parents and seing this enormous bulls standing in choosen points. :eek: They are pretty imposing landmarks, a powerful sight silhouetted against the landscape. :cool:

    After the years, they have becomed a sort of symbol of Spain. This is a brief history of the «Osborne» Bull:

    Here are two more vintage spanish ads with "drink & bullfight" theme:

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    If only I could get some like that of old Australian billboards. I'd let out a big girlie squeal "AAAAAAARRRRGHHHH" and run round in circles for joy. :):) :p :D
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    Woodie, you're right. I have done a quick search and there aren't many aussie vintage signs.

    The only ones that I'm been found are these pair (tiny size) :(

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