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  1. Darwin

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    I decided to do something a bit different and "go back to my roots." I got the itch when DeWayne reintroduced Zio Prudenzi's '32 Ford roadster hot rod to his sales page. If you haven't added at least one of these little gems to your stash, you are missing something. I recommend hot-footing it over to his site and buy one (and tell him to get on the stick and put something other than "green" up for sale.....I still need "black" to fill in my collection). To start with, the frame....this is a work of art in itself. I almost can't bring myself to hide it under the bodywork. No fit problems whatever. The only thing not clear from the construction diagrams involved the radiator assembly. The back piece of the radiator back has a white line extending across it, which I took to be a location guide for the headlight bracket. Turns out that, after the radiator shell is assembled, the white section needs to be cut away before gluing on the radiator core. Doing it after the fact isn't pretty. I tried installing the grille per the construction diagram, and wound up with a soggy, torn mess. Don't fool around with the tabs on the inside of the the radiator front. Just cut out the opening for the grill (removing the tabs) and glue the grille directly to the back of the front piece. If you buy the model, this will make sense to you when you look at the construction diagram for the radiator assembly. On to the pics:

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    The engine is always the focal point of any hot rod, and this one is no exception. I built it stock, except I cut off all the tabs and replaced them (where really needed) with joining strips. The kit engine looks pretty good as designed, but a few obvious details were missing, and the blower belt is way too thin. Obvious extra details would be an alternator, since this is a street rod and not a dragster, a coil for the ignition system, an oil filler cap, another pully/belt for the alternator, spark plug wires, a solenoid for the starter, and radiator hoses. There appears to be enough room between the radiator core and engine to add these details, and they shouldn't be too hard to design.

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  2. TheWebdude

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    Simply Excellent! Looking forward indeed to following your build progress!
  3. Darwin

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  4. Gil

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    Hi Darwin,

    I was eyeballing those just a few days ago. Zio is an artist and it shows in his models which should have much more exposure here than they do.

    Best regards, -Gil
  5. Darwin

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    I must agree with you regarding Zio's skill. His snowplow is slowly working its way to the top of my do list, along with his Graf Spee and Scharnhorst. I was lucky enough to stumble across the boats when his website still posted them as freebies. I just wish that DeWayne had access to more of them for selling through his site.
  6. cgutzmer

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    Wow, that is a nice looking build. Keep the pics coming and my hats off to Zio. I dont recallt he site. Going to have to go look it up!
  7. Really nice, Darwin. I'm with you on color. I looked at these and I'm waiting for black, red or even yellow. The green with red flames just doesn't do it for me. The model, however, looks gorgeous. Glad to see you doing the build as I'm sure I can learn a lot by following it.

    Cheers --- Larry
  8. thewoodengraver

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    I am VERY happy to see someone other than myself plugging Prudenziati.
    This man is an AWESOME artist. We're talking old school here as I believe all his models are hand drawn (computer-aided). This is not an easy feat to accomplish.

    My opinion is any kit from Prudenziati is pure gold and I wish Dewayne would recognize this and offer EVERYTHING this wonderful man has made !!!

    We don't care that the models are not vector formatted Dewayne!!!

    Excellent job Darwin!!!
  9. barry

    barry Active Member


    Looks good Darwin as you say anything from Zio is great

  10. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    I have a few of his models from his site but the freebies he offers are quite simple. I have always wondered where he offered his more detailed models, I didn't realise Dewayne had them.
  11. rmks2000

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    I built his freebie hot rod a while back, and even though it was a simpler model, it looked pretty good when built. There used to be CDs of his kits for sale, but I don't believe that the site is up anymore.
  12. Rick Thomson

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    Hey Darwin,

    That is a bloody good looking mill and set of hub caps. Red River paper?

    The Deuce Coupé has always been a favourite of mine, ever since American Graffiti.
  13. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    I'm not sure how extensive an inventory of Zio's designs that DeWayne has on tap. I know he removed several of them from his sales site because of low demand, but he has been willing in the past to sell items not posted if you inquire. DeWayne, please feel free to step in here and give enlightenment...I think I feel a Prudenzi revival could be in the offing if hyped properly.
  14. Darwin

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    Actually, the paper used is plain old 110 lb cardstock purchased at Smith's. Zio's shading is what really pulls it off. At first, I was tempted to print them off on metallized paper, but at the last moment decided to see what would happen if just printed as the designer intended. From a bit of a distance, the shading effect is stunning.
  15. Darwin

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    I spend the day making a few extra detail parts for the engine. I added extra width to the blower belt, then added starter solenoid, alternator, and oil filler cap. Unfortunately, I pushed my camera to its limits, but a photoshop session helped get the pics to the point they are almost worth posting.

    View attachment 2593

    View attachment 2594

    Next step is to bash up some ignition wiring and a basic wiring harness.

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  16. Interesting. I'd sure like to buy at least one of these hot rods and possibly one of Zio'z Alfa Romeo models. I don't know, however, if DeWayne is participating right now. He's just returned from a second trip to the hospital (leg infection) so I would imagine he's moving a bit slowly right now.

    Cheers --- Larry
  17. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    Plain Card stock? Wow...I'm impressed.
  18. DeWayne

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    Hello all. Work with me just a little. I spent 3 days back in the hospital attached to an IV drip. I developed an infection in one of the incisions and the CT folks were not happy.

    I will update the street rod along with a new offering from Marek in 1:50-scale. Zio has never released any of the classic autos he shows on his site. He had an operation similar to mine and apparently had severe complications. It's sad but chances are we will never be blessed with any more releases of his. What I have is all there is.

    I do know the talent and expertise this artist has and only pulled them because the space is tight and they weren't selling. All his aircraft are in 1:72 scale and it's just not popular. His RR stock is in HO and all of the detailed autos are in 1:24 scale. With the other designers currently out, Zios skills are still far ahead when it comes to shading and adding depth. I want to bring them back one day and will do so when either space or demand dictates.


    PS: The supercharger is, I believe, a Paxton. Unlike the GMC series (4-71,6-71 and so on), the Paxton was used with a single or double v-belt. Zios rods are based on those in the early '50's. Note the baby moons, beer keg fuel tank and other neat goodies from my childhood :)
  19. Alcides

    Alcides Member

    I want one

    Hello DeWayne, nice to see you back. :)

    I just send and email to you about the green roadster. I want one before you change the to another roadster.

    Sad, to hear that about Zio health. :cry:

  20. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    DeWayne, glad to hear from you. Hope you think this build string is half as good as Zeo's design. Watch out for those hospitals, guy. You can get bad sick there.

    I finally came across the point in the build I go "Oh, FROTZ!" After installation of the engine, the driveshaft came up too short. As accurate as the build was up to this point, I got antsy and first glued in the engine, locating it as accurately as I could to match up with the construction drawings. The drive shaft came up about an eighth of an inch too short. Back to photoshop to cobble up a replacement. I recommend doing it the sequence Zio indicates...glue the engine to the frame at the same time you install the driveshaft. I personally think this would locate the engine a bit further back than it should be (puts the front motor mounts right up at the front edge of the engine block, which is a bit too far forward), but at least the parts will fit without modification. I got the wiring in place on the engine, and have most of the body assembled. The final pic is just a dry fit of the body (and, I have to say, I'm just anxious to get some idea of what the final model is going to look like). As a recommendation on assembling the model...there are some very large tabs attached to the body sides inside the body tub. I decided to leave them, since they appear to be important supports for the interior tub; however, I didn't realize the vertical lines on them are actually cut lines. Leaving those tabs as a single piece really increased the cuss factor of trying to get the shape right at the front and back of the interior tub. Also, difficult to see from the drawings....the back half of the floor mounts up against the back of the body tub. This leaves a gap (and a bit of a step) between the two floor pieces. Don't sweat this....the gap gets nicely filled in by the bottom of the assembled seat. On to the pics....then I gotta get the chickens locked up for the night.

    View attachment 2619

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