Yuki Yuji Kirov Russian nuclear powered cruiser

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Jim Krauzlis, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. mitchell300

    mitchell300 Member

    Yay i made it to JPG :D
    And i modernised the FFG7 that yuki made.
    I can post the pic here ^^
    I gave it an extra tail gun (from arleign burke class destroyer)
    Enlarged a bit, and made the print out version a bit better, so that u dont need 2 papers.
    USS Holland FFG62 (What if frigate to replace the FFG7 class)


    BTw this 1 is png :D
    Bcs jpg makes weird stuff into the pic :S

    I donno if yuki doesnt like this ore does like it.
    I cant find anywhere rules from do not give away ore whatever.
    Im gonna make another frigate, out of the ff7.
    Only hull will be used for this.
    The rest ill make out of scratch.
    Just to learn a bit, b4 i can do 100%.
    Mitch ;)
  2. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Wether he's dissapeared or not, you can't just go and recolour, redesign and repost someone elses work like that... ask permission from the designer first.

    If you can't get permission that doesn't make it ok to just post it anyway.
  3. mitchell300

    mitchell300 Member

    Ok understood ;)

    Mitch ;)
  4. piginapoke

    piginapoke Member


    Many thanks. I will try a butt joint. Makes a lot of sense now.

    The model is huge even at the scale it is. 40 cm long and dozens of aircraft to do. What have i let myself in for?

  5. mitchell300

    mitchell300 Member

    Hmm it suppost to be like 46.6cm long.
    My uss ronald reagan from Revell is 46.6 cm long.
    And nimitz class carrier.
    Same scale...

    Mitch ;)
  6. piginapoke

    piginapoke Member

    I didn't have the dimensions to hand so I rounded it off (badly). wall1

    Tthe official website for the Ronald Reagan and wikipedia for RR and HST has them down as 332.8 m which at 1:700 = 47.54 cm. (Not sure what is included in the official overall length but it still doesn't quite tie in exactly with the model length by the looks of it).

  7. mitchell300

    mitchell300 Member

    Hmm i whas wrong to.
    It supposed to be 1/720 scale :p

    Mitch ;)
  8. mitchell300

    mitchell300 Member

  9. mitchell300

    mitchell300 Member

    Nobody knows it?
  10. Boccadirum

    Boccadirum New Member

    May be "Were they ever released" ?

    As long as I know no. Only released were cvn 75 - kirov and frunze - old chinese battleship ting yuen - o.h.perry - ticonderoga - ddg 51 - slava - spruance (present but never released). That's all. If there is any other I will like to know too.
  11. mitchell300

    mitchell300 Member

    I only got cvn75, ticondercota,ffg7,warship 1885,ddg51,kirov,frunze.
    But no spruance and no slava.
    U got then on ur harddisk?
  12. mitchell300

    mitchell300 Member

    I have seen yuki on msn now for 6 times.
    I said to him things like hi yuki.
    But no respond :S

    Mitch ;)

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