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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Flangehead, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. shaygetz

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    ...and the "varnish" that came with it;

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  2. shaygetz

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    I'm guessing that the train is from the late 40s early 50s, primarily because the cars and track are lithograghed tinplate. Instead of the usual centered stud pickup found in Marklin, the track has an inside third rail, much like O-27 Lionel. Any help identifying these would be greatly appreciated as I intend to pass these on to my children when they get older.
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    Smuk! (Beautiful!) and welcome to Danish Railroading :D :D :D
  4. Ray Marinaccio

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    Seeing and talking about the older locos makes me realize that a lot more of mine can be classified as oldies. Might have to post a few more in the oldies thread.
  5. Flangehead

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    The Atlas FP7 I mentioned at the beginning of this thread is the oldest engine I bought new and can verify it's age. I've also got a few Bowser/Penn line engines that seem a lot older, I'm guessing them to be from the sixties or maybe late fifties.I bought them used and have no way to tell their real age. The Penn Line L1 PRR Mikado had a horrible paint job, and was a mess in general. I stripped it down and painted it, now the old girl runs as well as the Bowsers I bought new a few years ago.
    I like the way Bowser's make my bridges creak!
  6. shaygetz

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    Danish railroading, eh? Cool beans, she's now dubbed the "Lady Dane" doing her America tour, just like the "Flying Scotsman" did back in the 70s. Too bad she'd blow up my transformer if I fired her up on my layout. Marklin's built for 3 rail so she and her cars would be a dead short. Here's a couple pics of the varish. I received one of these;

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  7. shaygetz

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    ...and three of these;

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  8. Well, its not HO, but

    My oldest operational Engine is a 1946 New York Central Dreyfuss Hudson in O-27 by Lionel. Still runs pretty well
  9. CCT70

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    Hmm. After seeing and reading all of these, mine is probably the most bland and boring, lol. Mine is my first locomotive, a Bachmann "Illustra-chrome" ATSF F9 that I still have sitting here on a display base on my coffee table. I still have a BUNCH of my old TYCO for sentimental reasons, still packed in my garage down stairs. They'll probably never wind up getting unpacked, but there are some real treasures, including complete Silver Streak, Comin' Round the Mountain, Chatanooga (Diesel) and Rock Island sets, as well as several additional Locomotives, cars and accessories. It's not up to the standards of my Atlas, Proto, Stewart, etc., but, it sure is a lot of fun to tinker with and see running. Maybe one of these days, I'll put an around the walls setup around my nephews bedroom and give them to him.

    Fun thread though, I'm enjoying it. ;)
  10. Gary Pfeil

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    My oldest loco would be this Varney ten wheeler. When I was about 15 I attended some meetings of a railroad club sponsered by the PAL. It was run by a retired volunteer who was a model railroader. It had an odd assortment of donated equipment. Unfortunately it didn't last long (less than a year) and never developed much interest(no one I knew then was into trains beyond age 13 or so). I was given this loco, probably as old as me. It doesn't run on my layout because I don't run analog and I would want to replace the motor before decodering. If that isn't a word yet I don't know why. With so many fantastic locos out and a large railroad to build, the loco and I will be in our 70's before I get around to that. In the meantime, she just hangs out.

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  11. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Heres where I really date myself. While it isn't quite HO it's close. It is a Hornby double O Dutchess of Athol that I got as a set for Christmas in 1945. It sure saw a lot of play. It is in its original colours and will probably still run but I keep it as a static reminder of my youth.

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