your fav movie OF ALL TIME

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by Pennywhistle, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. cdlc

    cdlc New Member

    I went to see Star Wars when it first came out and can still remember the excitement after seeing it. It was wonderful. Haven't watched it again in case I'm disappointed on second viewing.
  2. Finesse5000

    Finesse5000 New Member

    Finding Forester.
  3. jackjs

    jackjs New Member

    Requiem For a Dream, so sad and compelling
  4. Rapidtox

    Rapidtox Member

    Patton :thumb:
  5. Will J.

    Will J. New Member

    I have got too many that come to mind as everyone of my fav's were at a different life stage or are linked to a nice memory: Of those: Short Circuit 2,Aliens, The Fly 1 (even watched it again about two months ago on of the local stations - still good, old Brundle-fly!), Braveheart, Jurassic Park, Avatar(!!!!), Reservoir Dogs (!!!!), Platoon, Boondock Saints 1, Good Morning Vietnam, Terminator - all of them,The Bird Cage, Team America and the list goes on and on and on and on and on....(you get the picture, right?)
  6. Will J.

    Will J. New Member

    Screamers - very nice twist, Ghostbusters 1&2, Grease, Moulin Rouge. In general, I just love watching movies!
  7. kodiakblair

    kodiakblair New Member


    I'd say The Man Who Would Be King no Zulu no 300 but never Troy,Alexander,Kindgom of Heaven and double never Lord of the Rings
    and King Kong.I've been watching Jackson since the Start.Saw Bad Taste in France before it got pick-up in the Uk.Man he's lost his way.Watch Braindead or Dead-Alive as it was called in the States and tell its not so.

  8. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    Two of my all time favorites... TRON and Blade Runner (the original NOT the directors cut)
  9. alphyon

    alphyon New Member

    3 idiots and forrest gump
  10. paperdave

    paperdave New Member

    For sheer style , atmosphere and cast.. its got to be "CASABLANCA".

    An interesting bit of useless info on this movie..did you know that because
    it was made in wartime they couldnt aquire a suitable aircraft for the
    closing scene so they built a 3/4 size one and placed (as they called them)
    midgets around it and from a distance looked pretty real,but canceled out
    any intended close up shots.
  11. Amadeo

    Amadeo New Member

    This is so very difficult .... but I can only agree with those of you who said Star Wars! It's simply brilliant. I also loved all of the computer games that came out of it... as a child i used to play star wars monopoly on the computer :D You could buy all the planets like Tatooine or Dagoba as a child I thought it was very exciting! Awwww I'm getting carried away here :) I just love star wars!
  12. Amadeo

    Amadeo New Member

    I think the Lord of The Rings films have something of Star Wars too somehow. I think they're pretty brilliant as well!
  13. Amadeo

    Amadeo New Member

    Did anyone else ever play that game? Or any other star wars computer games? I remember there was star wars for the SNES and it was pretty hard. Took me ages to finish it!
  14. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    Casablanca- yes I agree that is a classic
    The best scifi besides Star Trek is Blade Runner!
  15. randy13

    randy13 New Member

    Empire Strikes Back and Citizen Kane.
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