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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by lizzienewell, May 6, 2007.

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    I'm a science-fiction writer. In Palmer, AK, the elementary school holds a young writers conference. On Wednesday, I got a call that a presenter wasn't going to show and would I be interested in talking to 3 groups of 20 kids about writing? I said "sure" and then I started sweating.

    The other writers all had books to sign and sell, but I'm not published yet. I brought a table load of cardmodels. While the other authors were signing books I talked to kids about models. They were a magnet for little boys and not so little boys. I some good talks with a not so little boys who do radio controlled models. I also got to discuss ground effect craft, cardmodeling, and geometry with kids (and not so little boys.)

    For the presentation part I read a story that I'd written and illustrated and then led some group story telling activities. I'm quite pleased with this mornings events. I love how models get kids interested in math, science, and creativity. Cardmodeling is such mathmatical activity.
  2. Kaz

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    Go lizzienewell !
    Its amazing how models, especially card ones capture the imagination, and all the subjects associated directly and indirectly with them, in everyone who sees them.
    Keep on spreading the word.
    Lets hope that you are asked to do something like this again, only next time you will have a book to sign for them.
  3. ekuth

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    You GO!

    I love doing model rocketry for the same reason. :-D
  4. Amazyah

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    Way to go Lizzie!
    I love to hear stories like this!
    It sure is wonderful to ignite that spark of interest in a young ones mind!
    You can see it in their eyes, the excitement created by learning and understanding new concepts!
    I am sure you effected all their lives in a positive way!
    Hopefully, you just created some future card modelers as well!

  5. lizzienewell

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    I think I might have. There was a five year old boy who was determined to get one of my models. He kept offering things to trade for one. I was tempted to give him one but his mother seemed to disaprove of his tactics. I talked to him about making his own, and talked to his mother about what sort of models I'd made at the same age.
    I first attempted modifying cardboard boxes into boats at age four. I think I scratchbuilt my first cardmodel in second grade. I started with construction paper boats, but then made a cardstock alien spaceship.
    The organizers wanted me back next year. I think I'll bring paper, glue, and scissor. I'll design some kid friendly models for them to build. That brings me back to an earlier plan of designing and publishing some Alaskan boat models for kids. It will be a challenge for me. Five year old boys seem to really be attracted to my boats, but they usually are still developing their ability to use scissors. Maybe that is why it would be a great things to do. Let's give video games some competition in capturing kid's imaginations.

    It would be great to do a kid's book with a story and a model to build. It would have to have a boat as the main character and be set in Alaska. Mmmm I'll need to brainstorm on plot. Oil spill clean up?

    I think I'll have to use a pen name to avoid confusion with my adult writing. Dr. Seuis wrote both and used the pen name for the kid's books. Most kids that I work with call me Miss Lizzie or Coach Lizzie. Miss Lizzie might work. "Mizz Lizzie" might be fun to get lots of Zs in. Maybe I'll self publish the models and have a little business called "Miss Lizzie Minimarine"? "Miss Lizzie Papermarine"?

    Hmm I've already got a kids' book writen about fishing. I could try making a model of the fish. I started doing the illustrations in water color. I could do them with card modeling, set up each illustration as a diorama. I might change the name from Crumpet Creek to Paper Creek.

    Oh to many ideas, not enough time. To bad I have to work.
  6. Rick Thomson

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    Eww...Lizzie said the W word...
  7. Amazyah

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    The possibilities are just endless when you put your mind to it!
    I like the idea of the story and models to go with it.
    Much like interactive reading!
    Capture their minds young and teach them the power of the imagination!
    I think you are onto something big here, Lizzie! Something that will change a lot of young lives for the better and yours too for that matter!
    Sounds like some potential best seller material to me!


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