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    Here's a house, in Winsted Connecticut, thats located across from the park. The park splits Rt 8 into northbound and southbound sections. The house belongs to Northwest Community College, and is used as an admin offices. If you're heading northbound on Rt 8, it looks like a normal house. But if you're on the southbound side of the park, waiting for the light......
    What could that enclosed staircase be?

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  2. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Closer and a side view.
    It looks very much like an interlocking tower.
    There was a wye, not to far from here(actually,about 500 feet away), that connected the Naugatuck Valley Railroad, with the Central New England. The Central New England, also had a repair facility, engine house and a small interchange in Winsted.
    With a wye, you'd think it would need protection.
    My theory is, when the CNE was abandoned in 1938, by the New Haven, there was no more need for the interlocking tower(The NH ran trains to Winsted until 1968, or 69,up the Naugatuck Branch), and one of the townsfolk bought the tower to fix up his house. Had it moved to this location, and converted to a enclosed stairwell. When the home was donated to the college, they renovated it.
    Just a theory....Maybe some investigating is in order....
    You be the judge

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    Looks like some type of train signal tower to me.
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    Seems like a likely explanation Ed. I want one! :)

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