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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by kf4jqd, Oct 8, 2004.

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    Hi All:

    You are the first to see my improvements on my layout. I removed the inner circle. Only short trains could run in there. My GP38-2 could not run in there without derailing. Only my SW1500 would work. Now there are spurs with a frieght station, coal loader, and holding area. That is the 1st picture.

    The second picture is a "short cut" to the other side. These switches where used to create the circle inside.

    I thought this was going to be an easy project. Boy, was I was wrong! Tearing up the cork roadbed with ballast on it. Messsssy! :( I vacuum it up. :thumb: I almost had enough Senic Mountain supplies to finish the project. I ran out! :mad:

    Another mistake I fixed was wiring. I used multi-stand telephone cable. That didn't carry enough current to power the autoswitches and relays. :eek: :eek: (I should have known. :cry: ) I replaced it with 12 gauge wire. Works great! :thumb: I have ordered some NJ International signals to make it nice.

    Jessica's workers comp case is still going on. We wont be moving to Tennessee this winter. So, I am back fixing my mistakes! :thumb:

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    kf4jqd, Looks Good :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    :thumb: :thumb: I especially like the signal set up in the abandoned right-of-way...too cool :cool:

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