Yogi's Sagan memorial station and Sojourner in 1/33 or somewhere in that size area..

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  1. Because I already did Yogi's Sojourner half the size, I decided to tackle his full Pathfinder set just one size smaller. After some confusing calculus I came out at this size that seemed just big enough to still be able to fabricate. :twisted:

    Sojourner came out microscopically small. About roughly two centimeters in length. The base station was glued to thick paper quite similar to beer mats, just a little more felt-like in structure. It was about the right thickness for the petals and the base core. I saw the structure should be open, so I attempted to cut it out. The result was good enough for me.

    The instruments on the cover box were really easy to handle in this size. For the antennae I used brass rods.
  2. next was the assembly of the petals to the core structure. Yogi has two hinge options, one easy and one a bit more realistic and complex. So I automatically chose the second option.
    Again, I used some brass rods for the electromotor axles. I just am no paper purist...
    (Also, I smuggled a bit because the axles aren't going all the way through, it isn't movable but cut to length and glued with a drop of CA.. - Hey, some things just don't work the way you want or, in this case, are unnessecary)

    In the meantime I airbrushed a paper napkin in a kind of beige/tan/taupe colour to become the deflated airbags and I made a diorama surface from a system-ceiling plate. It's made of a kind of paper fibre stuff. I used little rocks I found and some kitty litter for rocks.
  3. The underside of the base station was detailed with the airbag cylinders but you won't see any of it in the final result.. But they're there!

    I tore roughly round-shaped parts about 6 or 7 centimeters off off the napkin and folded, rolled and crumpled them until they looked like deflated airbags to me. I used four pieces. I carefully placed the base station upon the heap of airbaggy napkin stuff and glued the protruding bits to the surface.

    And of course, Sojourner is there, too, paying a visit to its designer, Yogi.
    The whole diorama is about 25x30 centimeters.

    I hope you like it!
  4. ovation

    ovation Member

    Is Yogi to an acurate scale too :mrgreen:
    What can I say .. but simply incredible (if a little too small :eek: )

  5. Well, JJ, I would like to think that Yogi's about the right size. I tested Sojourner with a couple of different rocks and this one seemed to fit the shape and size quite well. At least from the photo-angles.
    Most of the bigger rocks I placed in the dio are about the size and place where the real rocks are. Only the smaller ones are fantasized to fill the landscape a bit more and to give it a bit more bustle. And thanks for the compliment. (-;
  6. Rapidtox

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    What incredible work, pure detail.
  7. bonq

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    The last picture looks like real Martian landscape;)
  8. peter.ganahl

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    what a fine work
  9. dhanners

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    Stupendous job (as usual) and thanks for sharing the photos!
  10. Thanks for all the generous comments, everyone. It's appreciated a lot! :wave:
    (coming up next: Voyager 1 Space probe in 1/48th)
  11. kk135

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    Absolutely amazing! Excellent dio.

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