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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Retired_for_now, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Just want to say how much I enjoy your work - gives me something to aspire to. Thanks for sharing!
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    Always happy to help!
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    Yogi!! Such a pleasure to see your name on these pages! Welcome! :)
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    Something new?

    So, busy around the house and all but it seemed time to actually finish a new design. SpaceX is moving smartly forward with an upgrade to the Falcon 9. It's all about efficiency, cost efficiency that is with a lengthened rocket and serious development of a fully reusable, fly-back set of boosters. Variously the F9 v1.1 or F9R (reusable?) at around $57million for a launch.



    First stage only - added a nosecone as if it was one of the Falcon Heavy strapons. The single stick version will punch off the second stage, turn around, and fly back to the launch site for landing with its little blunt end out in the breeze.



    Refining things a bit (out for comment) before I put it up - likely at Lower Hudson Valley first.
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    That is really slick, Yogi!

  6. zathros

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    Yogi, Space X, Tesla Motors, this man Elon Musk is a genius, and true entrepreneur and visionary for the world. He has proven that government should handle deep space engine technology, but that private industry, which always has been the way, can build the rest of the stuff, as long as they are given clear goals. Excellent! I have been following him and Bigelow for a decade now, back when they thought these guys were nuts. :)
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    Still working on odds and ends - watching the site morphing with interest...

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  9. zathros

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    It's great to know your looking over our shoulders. Thanks! :)

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