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    Planetarium exploration probes

    Still muddling along to increase the probe count. Added an ESA Venus Express and Mars express to better convey the international character of space exploration.

    Venus Express - still in operation

    Mars Express - operating with the Mars constellation of Mars Observer, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and helping relay data from surface operations.

    Also added another asteroid mission - DAWN. Ion propulsion gives this one significantly better performance and allows a mission to both Ceres and Vesta.


    And Europe's Giotto. One of five spacecraft to rendezvous with Comet Halley in 1986 - it didn't generate nearly the excitement it deserved (maybe backlash to Halley less-than-spectacular display?).


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    And of course, telescopes

    It is a planetarium, after all.

    Finished out the NASA Great Observatories (Hubble - optical telescope, Spitzer - IR telescope are the others) with the Chandra X-ray observatory (still operational) and the Compton Gamma-ray observatory (replaced by SWIFT).



    Did another Kepler model for the College as well to give them another dedicated planet hunter to go with COROT and the James Webb space telescopes.


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    Wheres the polar lander from ?
    I mean can I download it from somewhere ?
    Same with chandra etc .... too many models not enough time (lol)

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  5. Retired_for_now

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    A quick delivery and another commission

    Dropped off all the completed probes at the planetarium. Last one they have is Deep Space One - tech demonstrator for ion propulsion, autonomous navigation to an asteroid and comet, and it's sitting in orbit still with 10% of its reaction mass left just waiting for orders. Ton's design, so great fitting parts, outstanding detail/graphics, no mods needed.


    Completed the JPL model of Stardust - collected comet dust and returned same to Earth for study. Still operating and slowing circling for a second pass at the same comet.


    The planetarium guys requested a model of IBEX (interstellar boundary explorer). Haven't found a model so it'll be another original design. It's a small satellite launched on a Pegasus booster in 2008 to observe the boundary between the Sun's influence and interstellar space. It's a simple shape so I'm trying to improve my graphics - also needs to be large enough to use as a presentation visual aid (and needs a spare) so I'm working it up in 1:12 scale.

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    Very impressive, Yogi!

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    ISS is posted for download - and some wild game

    Thanks Sharklord.

    The files for the big-ISS are posted in the Real Space downloads - enjoy.

    Also finished up the design and build of the IBEX satellite - managed to squeeze a 1:8 scale model onto my drawing canvas (helps that the actual satellite is only 3 feet/1 meter across). The 1:8 scale will be a visual aid during the planetarium program (one plus a spare). Did a 1:48 scale reduction for the display cases - and, added a 1:48 build of Ton's excellent Pegasus booster as well since that's what lofted the IBEX.


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    Big thank you for making this model also available at the Lower Hudson Valley site.:thumb:

    Hopefully it gets the attention this wonderful model deserves. The display in the lobby with surrounding ATV and even a X-38 (?) is great.

    I guess I will have to build it a a little smaller (1:96 or 1:100) due to the shuttle and the space restrictions ;) I have ...



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    Vipers7, you're very welcome - there's a 4-foot (1:80 scale) version at LHVCC as well. Could be an easy reduction to scale as you like - or for a really detailed, superb ISS try Alphonso's from AXM.

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    Back to the workbench

    Had this one printed out for a while - finishing up the IBEX launcher was enough incentive to finish it.

    It will probably end up as another ceiling hanger for a class room. Ton's Pegasus/HyperX from his page or the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center.

    Decided to try something completely different.


    It's destined to be a desk model presento for a local surgeon who uses Intuitive Surgical's daVinci Si-HD surgical robot with a hi-def, 3-D vision system. You need to look into this if you ever need abdominal surgery (just four little holes rather than split wide open ... ).

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    WISE up on Dec 14th

    WISE (Wide field Infra-red Survey Explorer) goes up shortly. It's another IR space telescope, but instead of emphasizing resolution it is designed to survey large areas of the sky. This will provide targets for the other observatories (planet hunting, star formation, etc.). More importantly, it will be looking closer to home to detect near (and far) earth asteroids - the planet killers.

    NASA and the mission team has put out a paper model of WISE - http://wise.ssl.berkeley.edu/ under the Education & Outreach section. Did you look? Have you stopped laughing? It's called WISE in a box; better would be WISE is a box.

    Seems to be another significant omission so ...






    Still working on cleaning up fit issues, re-reworking the struts & fittings connecting the cryostat/optics with the bus, thinking about how much piping to model, etc. It's 1:24 instead of my usual 1:48 - some wise soul advised it's easier to reduce than to enlarge with these so I'll probably do a 1:48 for the Planetarium later.

  12. umtutsut

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    Great work, Yogi! I was hoping someone would tackle WISE. Looking forward to release!

    Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum & ex-NASA flack)
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    Break time

    Still writing directions for WISE. Meanwhile, taking a break with a repaint of Paragon's MV-22 to a USAF CV-22 configuration (radome work, refueling probe, etc.).


    Next teachers' workshop is on robotics so, how about a flying one? Also filling in the gaps again - paper replika has a very good MQ-1 Predator but no Global Hawks out there.

    At 1:100, it's the Global Hako, I mean Hawk. Real UAV is almost square anyway. Six pieces for a quick and easy build.

    Plain paper prototype

    Final fuselage graphics

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    Global Hawk at 1:100 scale posted in the Military Aviation downloads - available when the moderation gods finish their inquisition ...

  15. Retired_for_now

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    Finished up the directions for WISE and shipped a copy off to Berkeley to see if they'd like to add it to their downloads to complement the WISE-in-a-box.

    Cleaner build than the prototype with revised strut brackets.

    Other than that, the original design work held up well (three part-size adjustments for fit).

  16. Elliott

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    My apologies Yogi. Approved.
    I like the (almost) hako styling.
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    Picture Check

    Still working an issue in uploads. Test image load here.
    Global Hawk.JPG
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    Next batch for the Planetarium

    Dropped off the 1:24 WISE prototypes at the Planetarium, then got to thinking about the varying scales. Next to the 1:48 Hubble a 1:24 WISE is a bit misleading. You could actually park WISE inside Hubble's barrel. Seems all the satellites are shrinking (better optics/sensors, power systems, antennae, etc.). So did a fix for both the simple Mariner 10 (Mercury) and WISE - rebuilt at 1:48.

    Mariner 10 - with a few detail bits added to the easy build (availble at LHVCC)

    WISE display

    WISE at 48 and 24 scales

    WISE 1:48

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    The two-foot ISS

    Spent some time trying to figure out how to make a transportable version of the big-ISS; finally gave up. So ... I printed out the four-foot version half size and:



    The main spine modules slide onto a paper tube wrapping a 5/16 inch dowel (used as a stinger to mount it). Ancillary modules and spacecraft attach with slip rings, so are removable for transporting the model. The truss has no internal armature, but the end-caps and joints are stiffened with superglue (cyanoacrylate) to minimize sagging. I've also rigged a banjo line between the tops of the outer solar panels to provide (very light) tension to keep things straight if needed. Line fits into slots in the tops of the outer panels, panels are turned to wrap the line around for tension - like a banjo string. The truss sits loosely on top of the spine, located on a pin on the platform above the node at the top of this picture.


    Final scale ends up about 1:165, which happens to match the FG/D7 shuttle models. So, no excuse not to complete the picture.



    Added an internal box for the shuttle cargo bay and a forward bulkhead, then cut, curved, folded the doors open.


    Not sure where this one will eventually live - maybe a door prize at the teacher workshop.

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    Sorry I missed this thread until just now. Its an absolutely amazing display!!

    Re: Scales - I learned from the Spae Modelers group over at Yahoo that there are unofficially "official" scales and that probes, launch vehicles and manned vehicles should all be built in the same scales. Easier to se what things look like.

    I enjoy the 1:24 scale probes "standard" as Dragon made a 1:24 scale astronaut that can be plopped next the the probe models - similar to what you did with the school bus.

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