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    New to the boards. Have been modeling for around 16 years but I took a break about 3 years ago while away at school... Till about last month. I love scratchbuild and making my own stuff or modifiyng exsisting stuff. I originally came across papercraft in the form of pepakura and used it to make some cosplay (costume) for a few friends long ago. Since I have been collecting various files and stuff for later use. I don't really enjoy paper modeling thus I prefer to transer the paterns onto styrene plastic sheets to make plastic ones! :D

    Ususally when I build I start by making cad/ortho drawings but, I usually have to modiy and make the parts work meaning I end up free drawing corrected parts ect. So I don't have any files of my own. One day though.

    Prime interests being mecha (robot), sify, and scale modeling.

    Last thing I was working on (on hold cause I got laid off from work)
    Scratchbuilt 1/100 Woundwort

    Nice to meet ya, from KCMO!
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    Welcome! It's the model, not the medium. Paper/card is just another sheet material - with advantages and disadvantages. Build with what you like and let us see the result.

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