yippee! a winner at Cascadiacon

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by lizzienewell, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. lizzienewell

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    I won both the judges choice and directors choice awards in the Cascadiacon art show with a CARDMODEL. That means I beat out painters and jewelry makers.

    Thank you to those who helped with suggestions: John, Rick and others.

    I ended up entering 11 pieces. Six cardmodels and five drawings. On a tour of the artshow many people liked my drawings better than my models but the models are what are the most unusual.

    I'll sent pictures when I get home and can download them from my camera.

    I had a couple of informative talkes about how my craft works. I spoke with a nanotech guy and a man from the Chicago Museum of transportation. Discussion with other artists were excellent. I learned to get an Epson 5 color printer for durability of printing and I learned what kind of glue and tape are archiaval. I'll be shopping at Daniel Smith's in Seatttle tomorrow.

    The nanotech guy, Steven Gillette explained well why materials fail and why metals are used now but that carbon and silicate polymers can be stronger and why.

    He was talking about how to do nanotech mining and manufacturing in a way that has less waste heat, slag, and produces stronger materals. Let's hear it for carbon Bucky balls.

    It's been a wonderfully suggesful conference for me.

  2. Gil

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    Congratulations! Looks like you might have started a lot of people thinking about modeling their ideas as a way of physical demonstration something architects have known since when..., what will be interesting is to see if others follow your lead.

  3. barry

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    Congratulations Lizzie you worked damned hard for that recognition

  4. wunwinglow

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    Whahoo! Well done Lizzie!

    Tim P
  5. Bowdenja

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    Congratualtion!! Hard work........great ideas......pay off! Can't wait for the pictures!


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