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  2. Hey Merzo....Nice pics, that turned out good, I would have never thought of doing it like that....even if I did I wouldn't have the pateince for it. You say it was a long time ago? After seeing your soyuz launch pad I can see the talent and imagination in early building. You should post more pics of your other builds, I would love to see what else you've built.
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    none of the manned s-5 flights had the emblems. If you've seen the apollo 13 movie, that had and it seems to be in one of the pioctures.-[​IMG]
  4. What exactly do you mean with "emblems" here?
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    same stuff you said, the USA, and extra black bands. Sorry for repeating i guess.
  6. oh, that... That's okay!
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    You guys keeps this History alive. I lived through it and just remember the emotional aspects of an adolescent turning into a into a teen watching these behemoths going up and hoping they would come back.
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    Smart, I never thought to print the backside of the paper. Could use this for other papers. Noted that you had a delamination problem with handling. Could you seep some superglue or another glue on the edges to prevent this? Or with this affect the paper mirror side? Refering to message 1.

    Smart looking model. :thumb:
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    I missed that in this thread. There might be a way of sealing any seam of edge with either glue on a Q-tip, or clear coat? You would have to try it, maybe on a cardboard tube or something? On a seam, the glue would have to be applied and wiped quick, maybe with an alcohol dampened cloth or paper towel, to pick up any residue.
  10. I used two different types of paper. i didn't have any problems with the mirror paper that was used for the capsule, it was the alluminum looking paper used for the command moduel. It was just the type of paper, not laminated very well.
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    :thumb: thats so cool I have never seen this before keep up the good work lonewolff
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