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  1. Well I thought I would get started on Scott's 1/4 Merc capsule but got side tracked putting together the materials. I was so impressed with Surfdukes Apollo SM,& CM, I thought this would be the crown on top of Greelt's 1/48 Sat V. The detail in his designs warrant only the best, even though he hasn't finished.
    So, for all you 1/48 Greelt fans I've embarked on the rebuild of the service and command mod. making it as realistic as possible. I found some mirror paper and different types of metalic paper and started on the CM.
    You can't print on mirror paper, so after some trial and experimentation I figured out what to do, here are some of the results. :idea:

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  2. Wow. I guess you reversed the print, printed it on the backside and used some kind of needle pressure to trace the contour lines through to the front. Am I correct?
    Good results! And a very nice detailed top! Wonderful!
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    INGENIOUS! Great thinking. It looks beautiful!
    That 1/48 is going to look like it can actually take you to the Moon.:thumb:
  4. Slow progress. Ran into some snags. Useing two kinds of metallic paper, the mirror paper holds up pretty good, the regular metallic not so good, it's thick card stock with a thin foil laminate, like thin tin foil. It seperates from the backing very easily after cutting and minnimal handling.

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    What if, rather than printing on the back side and embossing from there, printing on onion skin paper or transparency film and tracing over that onto the foil side of your material. This should just press the foil into the paper, keeping it from delaminating, also give the look of recessed panel lines. Just a thought.

    This project is looking wonderful.:thumb:
  6. That sounds like something to keep in mind, but the problem's not with the mirror paper but with this other foil paper, just handleing the model, holding, moving it around, touching around the area's where the cuts have been made caused delamination, I would use the mirror paper but it's too shiny for the SM. Got some other ideas I'm going to try.
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    Well done, much like the manual art of embossing (my wife practice)
  8. More Progress

    Just a few things left to do, manuvering jets etc. Had to do some engineering so it will fit snugly into the third stage.

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    That looks awesome! Do you plan to put Ton's Escape Tower and Shroud on top? It would complete the stack, but it'd be s shame to cover up all that beautiful shininess.
  10. Actually I alreadyhave one sitting on top of my Sat V I plan to use, but I'm going to make some changes to it.

    A couple of photos of whats on it now.

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    NICE model there!

    Re: The mirror paper being too shiny, what about using some 0000 steel wool on it? This would tone down the shine, and give it a brushed look.

  12. The shinny look on the capsul is what I was going for, if you look at photos of the real thing it looks like a mirror but the service module has a duller look which is why I used a different metallic paper.
  13. OK finally done

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  14. Very cool! Nice job! Only thing is that the Saturn V never flew with "USA" on the SIVb. Only the Saturn 1b flights had that. But apart from that it's a great job you did on that Apollo CSM! The tower, is that the Nooteboom or the Slavicek one?
  15. Theres a web-site you need to see,
    you may be familiar with it, according to the photos here there are several that show the the Sat V with USA emblems, it seems some had it some didn't. If I understand right the Sat 1 b is the one with the 8 stablizer fins and 8 engines. As for the tower it's Notebooms. I plan on starting on Scotts 1/4 Merc as soon as I finish the M 200 sniper rifle I'm working on. Check out the site it really has some outstanding photos, and video.

    I've never heard of Slavieck, is this another designer with some nice mods?
  16. The Saturn V never flew with a SIVb that had USA on its side. The one you refer to (the only one) is the SA-500F test vehicle. (This one) The one all the models were based upon. This was a mock-up test model with dummy engines and parts that weren't able to fly. It was rolled out to the launch pad in may 1966 for several tests. The SIC of this model had an extra horizontal band of black which the flight article didn't have because the fuel tanks were getting too hot underneath. Furthermore, you can see in this picture the dummy Service Module is all white. The Block II flight article had a metallic skin.
    The SA-500F is the only Saturn V that had "USA" printed on the sides of the SIVb. Trust me on that. Here is a picture of all the flown Saturn V's next to each other, all without the USA on the SIVb.
    All Saturn 1b's did have USA over the second stage SIVb: The unmanned test flights and Wally Schirra's Apollo 7, all three manned Skylab launches and the ASTP mission. (Skylab 4 is a bit unclear but the tank is frosted over. Here's a bigger picture on which you just can see a little of the letters)

    About Slavicek: This guy is working on a very expensive superdetailed 1/96 Saturn V paper model which you can buy if it's finished. He is very precise and his models of the BPC, LES frame structure and LES tower are downloadable for free. It's found here. They're very difficult, I guess, but they look utterly awesome. He offers them in several formats and DPI sizes.
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    Very nice model! Did the foil in the SM give you any further trouble? It's hard to see any flaws in those last pix you shared. Nice and shiny:thumb:

    PK, thanks for sharing that link. Slavicek's LES looks amazing. The lattice looks tedious, but the effect looks worth the effort.
  18. And of course I second that, Closet Astronaut, I forgot to say that. Also the scale is really an eyecatcher.

    Indeed! It's 1/96 and the latticework is flawless. Look at those rivets and bolts at the tower! The man is insane! :p Even the resin LES's I have seen don't look that good.
  19. Well this is one thing great about life....we can always learn something new. After thinking abit after my last post I thought about your emphasis on the words....never FLEW, I didn't know about the test vehicles, thanks for the info. The third stage here is Tone's and it didn't have the USA printed on it I used a word prosesser to print them they are actually cut out and glued on, I guess he knew they weren't supposed to be on there.

    The tower by Slavieck is outstanding, I will try to enlarge it this would be a great top off for this model.This will set back my start on Scotts Merc capsule if things go well. Thanks for the links and great information. :thumb:

    To Greenman... I did have problems with the delaminating but I found a grey metalic Sharpie that I use, as the foil peels away I cut it off and color with the sharpie, you can't tell the difference, sharpies are great for use on paper models.
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    Looks great! Nice job.

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