Yenko Stingers - New release from Daisey Designs

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by nx13688, Dec 5, 2005.

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    It's taken forever, but I've finally released the 1/32 Yenko Stinger models. The Stinger was a racing version of the '66/'67 Chevy Corvair built by Yenko Sportscars of Canonsburg, PA.
    The kit can be built as either a simple version (2D wheels, no chassis detail) or a detailed one (3D wheels and a photo-bitmapped chassis):
    There are also additional option parts. The kit includes 3 models: a '66 Stinger, a '67 Stinger, and a red Corv-8 (a popular conversion that equipped the Corvair with a mid-mounted V-8 ). As usual, unlocked, vector PDF's for easy repaints.
    All for $10. What a deal!
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    Just looked at the photos of your 700 sedan and it brought back lots of memories. I used to have a 63 Monza that I really loved! I'd love to find another one and use it for cruisin around.

    Have to order the set, but after payday!


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