Yard Switching?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by 13Mtrainer, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Yard Goat

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    8 x 8?

    One thing I don't think we ever established was the actual shape of the layout we're discussing here. It was described as an 8x8, but does that mean an actual 8x8-foot square table--cause that's a very big table with lots of access issues etc.--or some other shape? Once we know the space 13Mtrainer is working with, it will be a lot easier to give advice on a yard design.

  2. 13Mtrainer

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    http://www.railimages.com/gallery/album132/aaa i hope this works because i worked a lot to find this this is the exact shape of the layout but dont look at the track plan i would like to see what kind of yard you could fit in this. thanks
  3. Ralph

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    Hi 13Mtrainer,

    That was helpful. Thanks for posting the plan. A couple of questions/suggestions. I assume that the loop of track that passes through the entry to your yard is either on a bridge over the yard or is hidden below it (?) In either case it seems to me that it would take a very steep grade for your yard lead to reach the mainline. I suggest extending it which would help with the grade and give you longer trackage for making up trains without interfering with the mainline.

    The other change I made was to remove the branch to the yard coming out of the tunnel on the right side of the plan. I don't see it being particularly useful for your operations and it creates a bit of congestion on the upper left side where you'd have tracks of different elevations very close to each other. Maybe you could keep the turnout from the tunnel and lead it to a couple of industrial spurs located in that nice big area in the middle of your plan?

    Just some ideas...chew on them or put 'em on the shelf! :)
  4. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Might help if I post the picture! :)

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  5. brakie

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    Looks like that yard needs a inbound track with a engine escape crossover..Unless the trains back in and out of the yard.. :(
    A engine service area would be nice also.. :D
    May I assume there are industries as well? :thumb:

    That's a lot of railroadin' space and one that calls for careful planing to ensure the best use of the space..

    Heres my 2 suggestions.

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  6. 13Mtrainer

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    thanks guys for all the toughts but i was thinking that if anyone wanted to if you could design a whole new and i am adding a small 2' x 2' liftout at the very bottom were that gap is so i could have continous running thanks
  7. spitfire

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    Hi 13Mtrainer, it sounds to me from the above comment that you haven't started building this layout yet. If so, that's probably a good thing because it looks really ambitious for a first layout. Firstly, it's a lot of lumber and track which equals a lot of dollars. Second, it's a lot of work. And I mean a LOT!

    What I would suggest you do, (and yeah yeah I know this isn't as exciting as a massive round the room layout) is build something much smaller and more affordable. Maybe a small Timesaver layout (plans are readily available online). Then you can try your hand at tracklaying, wiring, ballasting, and ultimately switching on a small scale. If you like it, and would like to do 10 times as much of all of that, and you have a couple thousand bucks, go for the big one.

  8. green_elite_cab

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    I say the same as Spitfire, except maybe try and make it fit with the rest of the plan. only build a small part that can be self contained. then make the additions.
  9. ReefBlueCoupe

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    What are you using to generate that graphic?
  10. green_elite_cab

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    I think thats XTrackCad. i have it but i don't use it because it confuses me. I stay with Right Track.
  11. ReefBlueCoupe

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    Thanks, I just found and am downloading XTrackCad. I'll check out Right Track as well.
  12. green_elite_cab

    green_elite_cab Keep It Moving!

    there is no doubt xtrackcad is better. you have more options. right track is better for beginners using atlas track.
  13. 13Mtrainer

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    yes that is xtrackcad and i will take your advise with the small section thanks a lot everyone

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