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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by belg, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Guys I need some help here I have a space available to include a staging/switching type yard in N scale about 53" long and a little over 10" wide this will be the only place I can really change cars and engines so I would like some help as I don't understand the special functions of all the different components. My original part of the layout was done in Kato unitrack but am using regular atlas/peco track components as I want to learn these things before I plan my HO layout any further. Can anyone take up this challenge/project? I'm looking for someone who could walk me thru some wiring questions as well. Thanks in advance Pat :confused:
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    Belg, go to www.housatonicrr.com and follow the links for yards.There is a 3 part article that is very well done by a former railroader on yards.
    What the tracks are,what the purpose is etc etc.
    This will help give you a bit more indepth understanding of yards rather than just general information.
    After you have read that, try your hand at a design and post it here for some critiquing.
    Good Luck!!!

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