yamaha YZ450fm re-scale

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  1. here is my latest offering to the forum ........

    not sure about the scale?..i ran it through software and enlarged by 150%
    Ive changed it slightly.. on this pic you will see the rear sprocket is actually cut out to shape(had to be modified) also have made fresh parts so i can make some of the original parts double sided(so you can't see white paper)

    the complete re-scale file is available is anyone wants it (to have a go building) F.O.C of course just drop me a mail if interested.. and comments and questions welcome

    new website under construction :cry: not a lot there yet:cry:
  2. bluedragon

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    Hey, the model looks great! I look forward to following this thread. I was wondering what software you used to rescale the model as I was thinking of enlarging the scale of the new MT-01 model, but can not figure how to do it for the life of me. Any help would be appreciated.:grin:

    P.S. I would love a copy of your rescaled bike if it's not too much trouble:grin: :grin:

  3. Mt-01

    the MT-01 is under going re-scale as we speak .....have started some assembly but not a lot (half a cylinder head)
    :cry: i did take a pic but its not good quality:cry:
    its a harder re-scale for me cos its already a larger scale than the other yamaha models....
    again if i complete the re-scale i will make file available (somehow!!)
  4. rowiac

    rowiac Member

    That upscaled YZ looks great! Please keep the pictures coming.

  5. another pic as requested

    this one taken from the other side with a bit more work done.....
    added rear shock and part of the carb assembly

    and for all those interested......
    the re-scale process on the yamaha bikes takes me about a week of hard work stuck at the p.c desk then usually takes a lot longer than that to build because i find faults with the original parts , so some have to be remade ....

    anyway what the heck :)grin: nuffin better to do:grin: )
    The YZ450FM is the only complete re-scale i still have on file but if anyone out there wants one of the others doing i'm sure i could fit it in somewhere...

    just drop me a quick note


    www.laughsplace.co.uk new website under construction :)cry: nuffin there of interest yet sorry:cry: )
  6. alang

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    That's going to be a magnificent beast when it's done. Keep up the good work.

    My taste swings the other way (!). Up to now all my Yamahas have been at 50%, but I'm attempting the MT-01 at 39%, so as to match the others in scale. Am I crazy?


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  7. no your not crazy!!

    no your not crazy ... maybe you just more talented than me??
    I'm useless i can't build anything small!!:cry: :cry:
  8. alang

    alang Member

    Absolutely not, just different. I can never get these big bits of paper looking clean and smooth, so run away from them. Anyway, keep those photos coming.

  9. for anyone interested

    have just put up my page on my server i'm still working on it but there are some pics and info

    the click on "Laugh's Page" on the left

    feel free to have a look around the rest of the site and also feel free to send comments or questions (links on all pages)
  10. just so you know

    have had a few probs with build ....part errors .....so no photos for a few days sorry .....

    will get back on track soon i hope

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