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    Hi everyone :wave:
    I am back :mrgreen: .It has been almost 18 months since I have even touched my Paper modeling Tools :cry:, but I am still very much enthusiastic about trying new models.
    When I was in Singapore for business 2 months back, on my way to the Hotel I saw a young man proudly riding my dream bike "Yamaha VMAX" and I couldn't resist myself to take a picture of that scene (please refer the attached picture).
    The next day I came back to my Malaysia for work and tried to find an offset printing shop which could print for me this paper model I downloaded free from yamaha website on a 210GSM matt paper only to find that no one wants to experiment this paper on their "expensive" printers.
    I flew to my home country India to get the printing done from Mumbai and to no surprise, I got the best printings on the paper I wanted.
    Finally, I am back to Kuala Lumpur and looking forward to start this model provided I get some time from my busy office routine.
    This is a very detailed model and looks to be very challenging. I would love to see this model completed. I would also try to utilize the unique skills / methods I have learnt from some very talented set of Paper Modelers on this awesome forum.
    Wish me luck guys and I will keep updating this thread as I progress with my bike :mrgreen:

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  2. atamjeet

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    So, 30th Oct 2010, started with the most complicated and challenging section - 'The Engine'. It has 189 parts.



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    Good to see you back in the real world (!) of paper. That VMAX in Singapore was a good catch, though it looks a lot more like the 1998 model than the 2009 version you are constructing.

    Good luck with your model, though I am sure you do not really need it. The engine is indeed complicated and challenging, though I found it went together quite well. I did have some fit problems later on (with the rear frame and the side air intakes, particularly) - perhaps I may mention those when you get to them, in case it helps.

    Best wishes,
  4. atamjeet

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    Thanks for the alert there :p
    Yes I had made Yamaha Dragstar Classic 11 and I had problem in fitting the engine inside the frame. I believe there will always be some difficulties in the fitting part for its such a compilcted and beautifully detailed model.
    My ultimate desire is to start designing my own models one day, but for that I would need to learn alot of softwares :)
    Amyways, one day at a time...
    This time my plan is to cut all the parts first. Stage 2 would be to fold the cuts and color the edges. and final stage would be the use of glue to give this beauty a shape :)
  5. atamjeet

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    Finished cutting the engine parts and the rear tyre... It took me much more time than I anticipated. Anyways, this bike is going to be a very interesting project, I can really foresee that.
    There are no pictures to upload yet since I haven't started the actual build yet... I'll first cut all the parts and only then will start the building...

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