Yamaha SR 400

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by chapuzas100, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. chapuzas100

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    Hello everybody, not long ago that showed photographs of models, I have taken a break with the USS IOWA, and I mounted two models, a Land Rover 109, which you can see pictures here , and Yamaha SR 400 which is the one you presenting. The model was reduced to 4 pages per sheet (more than 50%) in this way seems to me more interesting


    Mount all the pieces separately, as instructed.


    And paste them all together. It has not been perfect but I like




    You can see more pictures here

    Un saludo
  2. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    Wow! Superb work! And the fact it's so small makes it even more incredible. Well done.
  3. bigstu

    bigstu New Member

    A lovely little piece of work, well done.
  4. bcarter1234

    bcarter1234 New Member

    Nice job, I have to try a motorcycle one day.
  5. alang

    alang Member

    Lovely job, Chapuzas. It is particularly nice for me to discover someone else crazy enough to do these motorcycles in small sizes!


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