Xtrk cad:no steam?

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by bigsteel, Apr 17, 2007.

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    The other problem that will occur with steam in particular depend on whether you have plastic or brass. This is especially true of articulated locomotives. Plastic models of Big Boys, Challengers, the USRA 2-8-8-2, etc, will put a swivel in the center of each driver set as well as swivels for the leading and trailing trucks. Brass models a modeled to be as close to prototype as possible including the method of articulation. As a result an Athearn Challenger will work on a 30 inch radius with normal track spacing. We discovered from experience at the modular club that brass Challengers will not work on a 36 inch radius double track on the inside track without the smoke box front hanging past the outside of the outside track on the curves!
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    i guess there are just too many variables to make Xtrk steam,oh well i guess it may come in the future!.....if we arent blown up by nuclear warfae first....:mrgreen: --josh
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    Oh, I just cannot resist... just for you Josh...
    BOOM !!!!!!!
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    sign1 sign1 sign1 ,looks like im gonna have to chage it again! :mrgreen: --josh
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    Radioactive fallout? No Power? Roads unsafe?

    I guess I will just have to power up the generator and stay inside playing with the trains.
  6. bigsteel

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    but i do that anyway! LOL--josh

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