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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by dwiedemn, Sep 17, 2003.

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  1. dwiedemn

    dwiedemn New Member

    Question? When is an .18 not a .18? When it's made by XTM!

    In June I purchased an XTM .18. As soon as it arrived I did a complete tear down and inspection, including measuring of the actual bore and stroke. While the stroke was correct I discovered that the bore did not match the published specification of 16.4mm but in fact measured 15.4mm. Dropping this measurement into my engine displacement speadsheet showed the engine is actually a .167ci/2.74cc, not a .18. When I brought this to XTMs attention I was assured the matter of correcting the stated bore and engine size would be addressed quickly and that a true .18 engine sample would be ready in 60 to 90 days. Sixty days later they still had not changed the specifications for the engine.

    Approximately three weeks ago the rod on this engine broke after having run less than two quarts of 20% fuel through it. I wrote to XTM regarding this problem and to date I have not received a reply. In my last letter I also brought up the fact that they had not corrected the specications for the .18.

    It's been over a week since I sent that email and I still have not received a reply but if you go to http://www.hobbypeople.net you will find they still call this engine a .18 but the specs are now correct, 15.4mm bore and .17ci/2.74cc displacement.

    Would I buy another XTM product? It depends on what they do about the .18, I mean the .167 engine I already have!
  2. rc10gt3jimbo

    rc10gt3jimbo Member

    devestating , yet another time i can say ive been duped by als hobby shop elmhurst il, first timre it was them selling a broken temp gauge guess i should put both of them xtm and als in the same catagory, junk,
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