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    While glancing through my copy of "Best of Wings" I ran across an article on the McDonnell XP-67 Moonbat, followed on an article on the Connor ducted wing designs (at least I think Connor was the designer....the copy is out in the car and the temperature is subzero both in Farenheit and celsius, and I'm not gonna dash out just to check the name in the magazine). Anyone know if a kit exists of either of these subjects? If not, Kancho or Nobi should take notice....I think enough documentation is available on the Moonbat to make a detailed design, and the ducted wing twin (I think the only of the designs that was actually built/flown) would make a neat "easy" subject.
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    I've been begging for a Moonbat for a while now.

    There is a vac-form kit for way more than it's worth floating arould out there. I'ld rather build a card model than ever atempt a vac form only kit.

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    Howdy Guys,

    Just thought I would post some "visual aids" for all of us who have never seen a moonbat.

    There are plenty of refference pics in google images, I am sure there are even more on some of the links listed there.
    Have a good day, I am on my way to work,

    Greg aka GW
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  5. The XP-67 was saddled with underperforming engines (Continental XI-1430-17/19s). All of the other aircraft design ed to meet the Air Corps 1939 Proposal R-40C also were underperformers (XP-54,55,56). As to the Custer Channelwing. I think the biggest reason it has never really been utilized was Custer himself. The current Fan-Wing has a similiar future I think.

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    I've always liked the P-67 and in keeping with my goal to design models of subjects that haven't been done before if this one still hasn't been done by the time I get my Corsair finished there is a strong possibility I'll take it on.

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