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    This is the Xibalbs medal in our up coming animated movie ‘The Book of Life’. The medal is given by the GOD of the Underworld. In the movie, the Xibalbs medal possess the power of invincibility, no harm will come to whoever bear this medal.

    Stay truth to the movie, I made the medal out of wood (laser cut), hand painted, assambled (6”x8”) and numbered by your truly . But for my Xibalbs medal, photo can insert through the back. I made it as a gift for the artists/designers in our Art dept. to commemorate the job well done, and of course, I got one of each for my wife and kids too. In all, 21 Xibalbs was made. I have three extras which I planning to ebay them off when the movie come out so I can recover some of my cost in making the medals. I'm looking for 80's and hoping to hit 100's (yeah, dream on, I know, I know) when people see how good is our movie. :D

    It was really hard work painting all the parts by hand and than glue them all together. But, at the end seeing my co-workers face when they open their gift, it all worth it. :D

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    That is COOL!!!
    What a GREAT GIFT IDEA!!!
    I wish you the best of luck with the Ebay and hope that you are able to fetch a good price for them!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
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    I look forward to this movie!! :)
  4. goodduck

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    Thank you soo much! :)
  5. zathros

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    Waiting for the DVD or Blu-Ray to buy the movie. :)

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