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  1. Cybermac

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    Having not much time and beeing sick this Christmas I couldn't carry on with my B-737.
    So... I decided to do something nice, simple and quick to build...:mrgreen:

    As I am keen on early times of JET ERA I tried to find one of those early jets... and here is my Convair XF-92A...

    I found this model on www.bestpapermodels.com - free models


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  2. Cybermac

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    Convair XF-92A Dart is the first american delta airplane! It design was later followed by F-102 Delta Dagger, F-106 Delta Dart, B-58 Hustler...

    (For me looks a little bit like MiG-21 with nose of MiG-15:mrgreen:)

    There are just a few parts, no cabine interior, 'pipe like' fuselage, simple landing gear, etc.

    And here is how it progress...

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  3. exzealot

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    Cool lookin' aircraft! Something about those early jets...

  4. DHL

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    Looks good!
  5. Alcides

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    I like the model, simple but nice and you cut it very clean :thumb:
  6. Cybermac

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    and some more...

    Many thanks guys!:thumb:

    I am happy that You like it!

    Comparing to my previous models I am surprised I have done this one so quick having so much fun!
    So come on, lets fly!...:mrgreen:


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  7. BARX2

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    Great job and thanks for the heads up! Nice model.
  8. newcomer

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    they seem to have taken it off the free list already.
  9. cjwalas

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    It's still there. Click on "free models" on the header and when the next page comes up, click on "all free downloads" on the left. The model is at the bottom of the next page.
  10. newcomer

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    got it. thanks.

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