X4 Building tread

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Billy Leliveld, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Some Roofing specialty contractors or roofing supply companies in the US might have it.

    There is for instance a 1/4" sheetrock (gypsum wallboard) in the US that is used under single ply roofing to help protect against abrasion and give a small amount of insulation and fire protection.

    Actually, I was looking forward to a discussion on how to make X4 tank "treads" on this thread... ;-)
  2. This was the bonus; it comes with a cute tow-tractor, my 9 year old son comment on it; "Dad, why are you building a lawnmower?"
    But it 's a nice result, I like the colorscheme and the details on this one, If somebody else wants to build it; forget about the F16 canopy, better make your own, that's what I'll do. another small critisism; I build the original kit, but I didn't like the quality of the paper, so better build a scan on higher quality paper.
    Cheers, Billy

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    Billy, you model is beautiful. I must comment though, I too would like to see a nicely detailed "Lawn tractor" too.
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    Bravo, great finish! And a spiffy tow vehicle!

  5. My tractor got knicked by some unkown species from the planet Woodengrave..

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    Quick! Get some guns from the parts bin! Shoot em' in the crotch!

    Sorry, I couldn't hold it in. :oops:
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