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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Billy Leliveld, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Clashster

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    Looking good, Billy! The intake does look cool! Thanks for the update!

  2. The wings are on..

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  3. Cockpit..
    There is a possibility to build the cockpit with hinges, so it can realy open, I just could'nt get it right, so I just skipped that and now it can't open , but looks much better. There was another problem to get the F16 canopy fitting to this plane, I build the original paper one to get an idea of what part of the plastic one I needed, and cut it , but it would'nt fit, still working on that..

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  4. The airbrakes

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  5. airbob

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    Thanks for starting this thread....I enjoyed your thread on the XB-70...and this build is great on a really colorful jet....wondeful workmanship and fit!!!
  6. yaniv

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    what a great model and build

    kip doing a great job
  7. The canopy is on, still I don't like it to much, it seems to be to flat, if I compare it with pictures of the real plane, I should look for a more bulb-shaped canopy

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  8. Zathros

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    Billy, it looks great! I cannot believe how fast you crank these things out and with such quality.
  9. He Zathros, how's the Ekroplan going?
    Cheers, Billy
  10. The kit already gives you two different ways to make the wheels, build them "hollow" or solid, but I 'm doing a third way, I use this stuff called "Roofmate"
    it's foamboard, you can also use it for insolate your house, but the thinner plates are used mostly by architects to build models.
    It can be cut with a knife or hotwire, and can be sanded down very easy

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  11. Amazyah

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    That roofmate is some pretty neat stuff, Billy.
    Where do you get it from?

    By the way, your model is splendid, looking real good.
    I don't know so much about this plane so your canopy looks great to me!8)

  12. cardmodeler

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    Cool model! I am a fan of the X-planes and it's fun to see one being built. Where did you get the checkerboard cube that the plane is sitting on in a couple of your pix? I feel the need to procure one of those. Thanks. I am enjoying this thread.
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    @Billy, I messed up my neck and can't work on anything for a while, I should be getting back to it in a couple of weeks, thanks for asking.
  14. Hello Amazyah ,
    This is the stuff http://www.dow.com/styrofoam/na/
    I use it some times in building filmsets (that's what I do for a living) because it's so easy to cut , sand and paint,
    But I also use it to make models for designs of filmsets, it's the same stuff, but cut to 3,6,8 or 10 mm thick sheets, I get it from my local artsupplier
    It's great stuff, also for landscapes, like rocks andso, the only thing is that is will 'melt' with some type of glues, like UHU
    The photo shows a "landscape" I build together with my son for his 1: 72 Airfix army..

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  15. Oops, wrong button..
  16. Almost finished, going for the bonus..

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  17. cmdrted

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    That is one neat aircraft and your build of it is fantastic. The only thing I have to add is if you want that bulbous shape on your canopies, either heat form it or vacuform it. You can do so much with the later, you can "cheat" on prop spinners/nose cones and the like. And another great idea with the wheels, thanks.
  18. rlwhitt

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    Very nicely done!

    Will have to look into that foam stuff you used for wheels. Can it be bought online anywhere?


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