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    I've built the Millennium Falcon, a TIE fighter and a Star Destroyer, and I've downloaded models of an AT-AT, a Sandcrawler, the Death Star and R2-D2 to build, but I really want an X-wing too!

    I've searched the internet for a suitable model but I can't seem to find one, so can anyone point me in the direction of a good looking, easy to build X-wing (i.e. that uses tabs, no formers) that I can download, preferably free?!
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    "Damn it Wedge, where are you!?"
    "Sorry Luke, I'm still under construction!"

    6 minutes later Yavin 4 explodes....
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    Here's a couple of X-Wings that could use some attention! :)

    X Wing Andy Whyte.jpg x-9.jpg x-22.jpg x-24.jpg
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    They don't have the same appeal though ;)
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    Depends, I always lean towards reality. The X-Wing started and stopped the rotor system 80 times in the America's largest Wind tunnel. This would have made it eventually an 800 mph helicopter. The program had it's money cut back for political reasons, but parts of it are starting to reappear in helicopters now.

    This two of a kind aircraft, called the RSRA, had explosive bolts that could blow the blades off the rotor system, and fly back home like a conventional jet. That's not a model, that's the actual RSRA (RotorSystemsResearchAircraft). The leading and trailing edge had a air grove that ran the full length of the front and rear of each blade. When taking off, high pressure air would be pumped out of the leading and trailing edge, creating a flap out of compressed air, this is called the Coanda effect. The technology you are looking at as so far ahead of the make believe "Star Wars" reality, in which somehow they have conquered gravity, yet, are the worse shots in the Universe, while this day and age marksman are killing people with a bullet from 2.5 miles away. I just wanted to bring some reality into the fantasy, to help people build better fantasy models. Science Fiction has shown the way for real products, the TOS Star Trek, and Tablet computers just one great prediction.

    The "X-Wing works, it will reappear someday, just like the X-2, the fastest helicopter in the world, came from the ABC helicopter. It's interesting to note that the Raider and the X-2 have been developed solely from Sikorsky Aircraft funding, as is the Sikorsky S92, now the Presidential Helicopter. Lockheed and another company spent 100's of millions of dollars trying to make a new presidential helicopter to replace the venerable Sea King. They failed. Sikorsky offered the off the shelf S-92, which has set standard so high, it has become a new class of helicopter in terms of safety and capability. It saved us many millions of dollars. Canada purchased 19 billion dollars worth off them.

    United Technologies just sold Sikorsky Aircraft to Lockeed Corporation. Sikorsky employs 8000 people or so, plus related business, in Connecticut. My God, if they left the state, this state would go belly up.
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    That is a nice X-Wing. Not overly complicated, but looks all the bit an X-Wing when done. :)

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    It is THE best X-Wing model out there (aside from UHU02's, but UHU's is beyond comparison and has a different approach ;) ). My Viper is supposed to be on par with imcold's X-Wing. Of course, you'll have to shrink the pattern down quite a bit to display both models side by side in the same scale. ;)
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    Thank you for those links :).

    I've now downloaded a suitable X-wing and will build it as soon as I can.
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    WOW....WOW....Man that looks fantastic.
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    It really is fantastic. I thought it was a plastic model! I was duped!.....I want my money back! :)
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    Z- The movie "The 6th day" features the best scale model I've seen on this.


    Cool concept. The first time I saw this was either Popular Science or Popular Mechanics when I was a kid.

    Still cool.

    Sky Seeker
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    The "Whispercraft". That was really proposed. The blades would have to be twice as wide, and could not taper as shown. The air foils generated by the slats would require enormous pressure, but would allow, when taking off and landing, for the craft to carry a large payload. One it stopped the rotor and translated into normal flight mode, air would only by pumped through the trailing slats. The wings were so stiff, it woulld have been capable of dog fighting, and could either glide to a landig, or autorotate, as the case may be. The test model translated from vertical to full forward flight 80 times, but politics stepped in. I don't think the end of this aircraft has come. New materials, and high temperature composites make some aspects even easier to fabricate, as does industrial 3D printing.

    That rotor sat by my CNC machine for 3 months, till they canceled the program. A bigger piece of machined Titanium I have never seen! There were many years we were not supposed to speak of this project.

    I don't mention this stuff thinking, "Ooh, look what I did". I just tell of this because there were very few people actually involved with this project. Knowing this kind of stuff could influence someone to make more accurate models of Sci-Fi models, or "Flights of Fantasy". It is of note that in the event of an emergency, this plane had 3 ways of landing, ejecting, auto-rotation, or landing conventionally, like any other aircraft. As a former pilot, I would have found that comforting. :)

    Blade cross section

    Blade cross section.jpg
    Blade, rotor cutaway
    Hub cutaway.jpg

    S-76 vs. X Wing comparison, notice guy at extreme right end. Some of the stiffest rotor blades ever produced.
    S-76 vs X-Wing blade.jpg

    X-WingRotor Blade
    x-wing rotor bblade.jpg

    Wing Compressor Rotor Hub (That was huge!)

    Wing wing compressor distibution manifold.jpg

    Translational Flight

    X-wing flight translation.JPG
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    Z -

    Wow! What a privilege to have worked on such a project! To say that you are a master builder is an understatement of BIBLICAL proportions!!:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

    To see such a device fly would be a real treat! Another VTOL craft, the Osprey, I got to see that testing at Pax River during the early 90's translating from horizontal to vertical. That was really neat, but to see this thing in the air WOW!!!

    Also, to think that it translated from vertical to horizontal flight 80 times. Someone in the govt messed up big time. I wonder if the Osprey and the Whispercraft were in some black ops competition behind the scenes? We may never know...

    Thanks for sharing Z. You've made my day!:)

    Sky Seeker
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    Thank you. I just went to the site and did a search, then pasted the address in my post . I don't know why it does a redirect, but at least it took you to where you could find the model.
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    I wish I could find the hard drive I have this model on. I was going to release it, but then left this forum (returned a few days later), and in all the Hub Bub, forgot all about it! It unfolded, just needs some TLC fo finish off, (find the model file would help too!). ;)


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