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  1. imcold

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    this is the model I'm working on right now and the first one that I'm going to show here.
    The base for this build is the model from PaperGrade by Zen , as it looked as the best from free paper models of X-wing that i could find. The scale is 1/48. I decided to print it out untextured and paint it afterwards, as I planned to make some modifications to it and didn't like the original texture that much.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I changed the shape of proton torpedo launch tubes and moved them a bit closer to cockpit. As you can see, I added some internal structure to the fuselage too. The nose cone will be a custom one, the provided is too edgy for my taste. It will be connected later on after finishing the wings, together with the aft details, cockpit, droid socket and the area behind it.
    I applied a lacquer and painted the edges and torpedo tubes with matt black enamel color (hubroll) to see, what effect will the color have on paper. The result was quite satisfiing, I sanded some edges and moved on to next stage. I printed the fuselage parts again, drew the panels on them according to the Finemolds model and real filming models. Then went over the panel lines with a needle, creating a subtle negative plating like on plastic models. Sort of an experiment of mine :D It worked out quite well, so I started gluing the parts to the model - so it has now 2 layers of paper on some places.
    Next, I glued many little pieces of paper to the fuselage, creating a delicate detail and getting rid of the large flat surfaces. This gives the model a nice effect, resembling the ILM models. For positioning and size of the pieces I used the models as reference for some, for others I used my own imagination. This is a big fun to do :) though the pieces are so small, that I had to manipulate them with a wet toothpick.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Now, the coloring: I tried to recreate the ragged look and marks of heavy use of the film models, the one we all like ;)
    Well, I had to paint the fuselage for several times to archieve the look I liked, using white and gray enamel color mixture. This had a large negative impact on the fine panel lines, so I had to rescribe most of them. This was definitely not fun; but it's my fault... I guess that painting it with airbrush would be much much better, but I don't have one, so it's not an option for me. I used a masking tape for the red stripes. After painting I scratched the surface around panel edges to remove the red and bring back the light grey color of the bottom layer. Same on the dark grey panels. This is the part of painting I like the most ^_^

    Engines and wings:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Another little experiment - nozzle. I prefer to see some internals inside instead just black hole, so... this is the result. This time, it's painted with watercolors.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Process is largely like on fuselage, but this time I designed much more parts myself - the wing is drawn to be a scaled copy of Finemolds' one; some internal structure added, panel work, little details, plating on engines... now I need to apply lacquer and paint. And... make 3 more to go >_< I estimate that this will take me a considerable amount of time, probably the whole next month.
  2. col. kurtz

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    this looks really good great work !!!:thumb: i look forward to following yor progress so far fantastic !! keep it up !!:thumb:
  3. cgutzmer

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    I made this one too - tough build! At least for me :) you are doing a far superior job :)
  4. Mauiman

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    That X-Wing is looking good m8
  5. sneaker

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    No Matter how many times I see it, I continue to be humbled and awed, by the amount of talent and thought put into the design and build of a paper model. I have yet to see someone take a paper model and make it worse by adding/changing it. The bar keeps going up and up and up. Imcold! you are doing great work on this, and I look forward to seeing the final product.

  6. imcold

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    Thank you all, I'm really glad you like it :)
    No gluing today. I was working on fuselage panel lines today afternoon, pretty slow work. I painted them over with watercolors, it gave them a pretty dirty look and they are *much* more visible now. Some panel lines were brighter than the panels around before, what looked unnatural to me. I was doing this for the first time, as this is a highly experimental build to me, but I'm quite satisfied with it ^_^
    I made some photos for comparison of how it looked before and now. They are of a bit lower quality though, since there was not much sunlight when I was taking them and I'm not quite good at using artificial lightning for shooting.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    ^^What he said! I'd like to add that this looks like it's going to be an award winner. This is further evidence as to what is possible with paper!:thumb: Magnificent build.

    What grade of cardstock did you use and at 1/48, what size will it be overall, wingspan and length?

    I too am astounded at some of the final products that come out of this place and the card modeling community. It's mindboggling to see all of the hard work that goes into these models, just to be offered up for free. Amazing!:thumb:
  8. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    superior work!!i love what your doing. its giving me ideas for futer builds. thanks for sharing!
  9. imcold

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    Thank you both very much, it's encouraging to see that other people like my build ^_^
    CJTK1701: It will be about 26cm long and 23 cm wide (with S-foils closed). I can't figure it exactly out now, since the nose cone is still missing and the wings are not fixed to the center. The question about paper is a tough one... I often salvage every paper around that looks useful :D (you can notice that on the wing - it has some letters on it). So:
    The yellow paper on the pictures is a 1mm thick paperboard (or carton, I don't know the correct english term for it, sorry). I use it mainly for large flat pieces like wings and internal support structures like ribs or various boxes, where extra strength is needed.
    The next paper I use is about 0.2 mm thick and about 180-220g/m2. White, smooth paper used for painting with watercolors and I think it's used on architecture drawings too. It doesn't warp so easily like office paper, but when you want to roll a tube with small diameter, it's easier to use some thinner paper. I used it for the little... pieces on fuselage, so it doesn't look so flat, and on the engines, too. Great paper for panel line scribing, not so thin like office paper, so you doesn't cut it through so easily.
    For printing, I ripped some sheets of paper out my sketchbook (seriously). I use this paper for portrait drawing, it's somewhat heavier than regular office paper and therefore it doesn't warp so easily. I'd guess it's about 100-120 g/m2. It's a bit rough, but nice to touch ;) I used it on fuselage, though the idea of gluing another layer with scribed panels on top of it wasn't the best one... and for engine tubes.
    I have some strips of office paper (80g/m2) with various width, I use this for tubes with some extra thickness like nozzles or intakes. I just roll it until it's thick enough. Originally I used this for rolling car wheels.
    Then you can see some greyish papers here and there... that's usually some heavier paper I found somewhere around (eg. chocolate bonbones cover), from 0.3 to 0.5 mm.
    Some pics - engine with various papers used, so you can see how they compare thickness-wise to each other; inner sides of wings with holes that reveal some internal structures on real model, these need to be flat and strong; and a mock-up of fuselage and a wing compared to a liner.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. imcold

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    I've done some work on the wings during weekend. I decided to work on them in parallel, I think it's the better this way for me. They're far from completed though. They're quite thin and prone to bending, so I applied some lacquer and put them together, in hope that they will be straight and fit nicely against each other. I will let them that way for few days.
    Now I'm working on the nose. It was clear to me from the beginning, that the original one won't make it on the model, it's too "edgy". Thus I had to fabricate my own. I took some pictures of the ILM and the FM models, made a few measurements and drawings and there it is.
    I made a copy of the drawing, cut it out and glued the side- and overview together to form the basic structure, covered it with paper strips from edge to edge and then cut the strips' outlines to proper shape with scissors. Some additional sanding and lacquer helps to make a solid, nice-shaped nose cone, that looks much more like on "real" X-wings. It just needs some nice color, I think I will add a bit of sand-yellow to the gray to give it a bit of a yellowish tint.
    By the way: there were at least 4 different types of the cone. There were a little differences in shape of the lower half and the "sensor window" - slot on upper half of the nose. Not that I ever saw one for real nor am I an expert, but I figured this out from photos.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Keep on Truckin man, you X-Wing looks awesome!:thumb:
  12. Gearz

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    WOW :eek:!!!! veerrryyy nice build imcold!
  13. imcold

    imcold Member

    Thank you both! I attached the nose to the fuselage, it looks much better now. I'm struggling with the cockpit canopy now, it's quite of a challenge.
  14. imcold

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    Time to return to my X-wing.
    How it was abandoned last year and this weekend's work on the cockpit:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Again, a lot of toothpick / needle work. Tweezers are quite useless with such a small paper pieces. The dashboard will be drawn on pc, some fictional instruments on side panels probably too, but I like doing the "buttons" this way, they're more plastic.
  15. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    good to see you back on this!
  16. silveroxide

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    velik Job. storiš sanjarski.
    I hope I wrote it right. Great Job you are doing fantastic.

    when it comes to cockpits, this is the defining moment of a model. You are of to a good start. Keep the pics coming. I have not done a star wars yet but eventually I will.
  17. imcold

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    Thanks silveroxide. It looks like some Slavic language, but it's not Slovak :) On hindsight, I think it was a mistake to make the basic cockpit color black. Dark gray would suit it better, but I have too many buttons & dashboard glued on place now, so I won't repaint it.
    I was painting the wing/engine section today with the base (white) color:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The surface will undergo a fine sanding to give it a smooth finish next. I'll need to rescribe some panel lines too.
  18. tazman3

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    Wow dude, this is awesome...lol...that detail is tiny! I may be the "clean and new" type of model builder, but I have to admit that this model is pretty slick looking. Great job!
  19. imcold

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    Thanks tazman :) I just finished the cockpit and so I'm back with some night shots. I also worked on the "droid plate", but it still needs proper painting. In addition to paper with various thickness I used a few balsa wood pieces too.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  20. wedge

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    Fantastic work Imcold ! I hope my Moldy Crow and your X-wing will meet one day in Brno and the circle will be closed :mrgreen: keep on the good work :thumb:

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