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    Hi folks,

    I will start off this post with a short story. After many years of suffering I finally got rid of my problematic old PC and bought a new 64bit Windows7 megabeast...All was hunky dory until one day I decided to revisit one of my favourite, nay favourite PC games of all time, Star Wars X-Wing Alliance. Shock horror, the game refused to load...Microsoft, in their twisted wisdom seem to think that anything from the Windows 98 era is no longer needed.

    So as a tribute to one of the best computer games in the history of computer games I have decided to turn X-Wing Alliance into a photonovel.

    For anyone who knows my work, I use a mixture of custom figures, Photoshop artwork and Diramas made of card and decals printed onto sticker sheets, all mixed to xcreate a comic book style novel.

    This is where I'll post work in progress images and customs for the novel.

    So withiut further adoo, this is the start of something rather special and unique, I hope you stick along for the ride....
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    For anyone who hasn't played the game, it takes place between the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and follows the fortune of a young pilot by the name of Ace Azzameen. The story begins at the Azzameen family base, an unusual Space Station located far from the Core Systems in the outer rim territories. The family own a shipping company called the Twin Suns Transport Co and our character begins by taking his first solo flight in his fathers Corellian YT-200 Transort named the Sabra, he is accompanied by his often irratable droid Emkay (MK-09).

    There is very little reference material on the characters on the story, but I Wookipedia has a page dedicated to the Azzameens and I doenloaded these images of some of the family members:
    Aeron, Galin, Antaan (boo) and Eamon.

    The two missing characters are Thomaas and Ace, unfortunately there are no reference images for them so I have had to use artistic licence.

    Here are my customs of the characters based on the images above.

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    Can't wait. Get crackin'! ;)
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    Not sure I like a moustached Antaan, but very clever using the Tactical Droid as MK-09 (one of my favorite droid characters, btw).

    You've got me interested; as far as I'm concerned, XW:A was the pinnacle of Star Wars games in general, space sims in particular, so I hope you do it justice. :thumb:

    Btw: Aeron = HOT!
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