x-crafts grushin Sh-Tandem 1:72

Discussion in 'Kit Reviews' started by rkelterer, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    hi boys and girls,

    again something for very small working places

    1. X-Crafts Grushin Sh-Tandem
    2. Scale 1:72
    3. Publisher: not yet available
    4. Designer: Roman Vasyliev
    5. Distributor: not yet available
    6. Format: PDF 3 pages ( 1 general 1 parts 1 instruction)

    since the kit consists of a lot of very small parts, I printed it on 120g/m².

    the color work has some weathering effects. the fit (for the body) is excellent.

    greetings from austria
  2. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    as usually I use tabs from scratch to get better stability when putting the things togetter. for enhancing the formers (body and wings) I use paper with 200g/m².

  3. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    I guess you are asking if it is the roman you know from the russian site ?
    yes - he is from ukraina

  4. kampfflieger

    kampfflieger Member

    Отчего ж не зайти, барин? Зайду.

    Я там как Кампффлигер:)))
  5. kampfflieger

    kampfflieger Member

    Не утаю. Скоро будет годовой отчет:) Ждите.
  6. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    appending the wings ...
  7. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    and from down under 8)
  8. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    and now with wheels
  9. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    and a walk around the finished 8) model (scale is 5cm long) ...
  10. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

  11. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    I've wondered if someone would ever try designing this wierd little bird. Very nice job, both design and build.
  12. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Rare, Wire, Beautiful, Clean and Tiny...again with very well in both design and build.
  13. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Awesome job, Raimund!

    What an interesting little plane...you've done a spectacular job of it, mate!

    Thanks for posting the photos and description.



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