X-71 Armageddon 'Super STS' by jaybats

Discussion in 'Kit Reviews' started by Shin_kazama, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Shin_kazama

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    Build Photos, show some small problems....

    >canards, am quite dumbfounded how to build them on rounded fuselagewall1

    >Body Flap(engine area), engine mount Flap does not match lower fuselage flap:confused:

    >Wing Anhedral(upturned tips), assembly problems

    >Rear RCS thruster box(below OMS nozzle) no inner panel:confused:

    >dificulties in nose build shaping(may need internal structure in larger size)

    >>>recommended resize zoom ratio for 1/144 scale(for compatibility with AXM's Shuttle Stack) is 150% zoom. Zoomed print requires expensive 12X18 inch paper(approx $1 per sheet):eek:. Request reintegrating zoomed parts back to A4/8.5X11 paper size:thumb::thumb::thumb:

    >>recommends to other builders:

    ----printing Auxiliarry SRB's on ordinary paper, dificulties or wrinkles may appear on rolling
    ----build this in large numbers!!! (lol:twisted:)
    ----test and fly using RC and Model Rockets:twisted:
    -------FOR RC EDF:
    >Mount Fan Nacelles on where Auxiliary SRB mount:thumb:s
    -------For RC ROCKET Glider VERSION:
    >mount ESTES motors inside AUX SRB.:p

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  2. Jimkowski

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    how did you build the x-71?
  3. Aerospace

    Aerospace New Member

    Very, very, very cool!!!!
    I love Armageddon, it's my favourite movie....
    I think I will try to build too...

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