x-3 too damm thick

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    just a little gripe i have to air ive just gotten the paper trade x-3 and am currently scanning the model as the kit is printed on card that is way to thick to allow most of the parts to be formed i also have the pt x-4 thats fine as its larger scale means there isnt any problen still there are parts that are going to have to be scanned and printed onto thinner paper very thin can be laminated very thick your stuck with:mad:

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    has anyone built this model? im having real difficulty with it
  3. Lex

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    I agree. I always find it annoying for models to be printed on cardboard than paper.
  4. Bowdenja

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    No I haven't but it is one of those that I wanted to.

    Always liked the look of this long skinny plane.

    I hope you can work it out and post some pictures.

  5. I've build both of them, and I agree, the paper or cardboard they're printed on is not realy good quality-stuff, I build the X3 maybe 2 years ago, but it's not one of my best builds,I posted a building thread of the X4; http://www.cardmodels.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6561 somewhere I made the remark that i didn't like the paper they're printed on..
    Better scan them and use your own favourite paper, the designs are OK!
    Cheers, Billy

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    ive scanned both and am starting the x-4 the x-3 is a nightmare none of the formers seen to fit there all way too small but the body parts themselves seem too fit
  7. I did a lot of dry-fitting and ajusting on these, they're ***** dificult ,
    Cheers Billy

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    theres got to be someone here who built it
  9. I know what your're talking about..

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  10. The 'Rescue' arrow seems to be in the right spot

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    how did you build the body sections the first part on the istruction directs you to build the section and fit the former flush but the former is miles to small for the diameter of the section i may give this a rest until ive worked it out proplerly besides mr currel has just relesed a titanic model that i gotta do:twisted:

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