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    ive built the x-15 it has to be a download really p&p is usally 5 times the model cost:cry:

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    finished x-1 in company:grin:

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  3. Hans Christian

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  4. Mark_1984

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    Wow :-o What a superb display :)
  5. dinsour

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    OK guys, everyone bow down and pay hummsge to a master builder.

    That is realy beautiful. Wish I had half the skill to do that.

    ---------73 Ron :yep:
  6. Jim Krauzlis

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    Very cool beans, Nullmoon! Excellent group of builds you have there.

    Thanks for the picture!

  7. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    I can see Chuck walking away smiling Ear-To-Ear!

  8. smyfe

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    Great build and a great picture. Does NASA know half of their gear is missing?:twisted:
  9. As long as I have been a card modeler (since 1980) I have always enjoyed "building" them. But the age of computers has enhansed the field so much that now I find just admiring the work of others to be very rewarding. It makes you try harder to make the perfect model (no glue spots anywhere) I haven't achieve that very many times as it seems that no matter how hard I try to keep it clean somehow somewhere it will find that one spot of wet glue on my finger or work surface. That is why I always spray my prints with clear coat first. That way I can clean off the wet glue. I wish I had all the models that I ruined with a spot of super glue I didn't know was there after they were completed. I guess I am just trying to say I enjoyed admiring this project
  10. col. kurtz

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    who is the x1 manufacter ?

    great model,could you let us know where you got the x-1 model from ?
  11. Hans Christian

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  12. dansls1

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  13. exzealot

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    I gotta tell ya.... I am not one to be easily moved or impressed, but this is one beautiful model.

    Nice Job! and thanks for the clean pictures - very inspiring!
  14. Ron Caudillo

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    Beautiful build- Awesome glazing!

    Hi Nullmoon,
    The entire build is simply great, but I'm very impressed by the glazing work you did. Can you please describe your materials and methods for installing it?

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us!
    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  15. I atarted this once and got so frustrated after 5 tries at glazing the canopy that I quit. How did you get it so clean and what glue did you use. I can;t seem to get anything to stick even various superglues? I would like to pick it up again if i could have a few pointers

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    whey my threads still generating interest:thumb: unlike my modelik mk4:curse: my x-1 is still in good order the only thing that i should have done was add a nose weight as its a bit of a tail sitter so i have it hanging instead

    glazing: the matirial itself is the same stuff that they use to make animation cells i got it from the uni shop anything works i tried niceday photcopeier tranparcetcy as well but didnt use it as it had a tint to it but the effect was the same

    blue: evostickhttp://www.ciao.co.uk/Evo_Stik__72188 contact adhesive foolproof i use it on all "windows"
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    Perfect in all aspects. I am envious of your skills. Wonderful model.

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    i was thinking of re-bulding it at some stage as i now have "waterproof"(resists water when dry) card so i can have it out of the protection of the cubord its a little thick at 220gsm time will tell

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