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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by rkelterer, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Non commercial


    you are absolutely right: Kartonmodell-Forum is non-commercial like all other cardmodel-forums, I know, including cardmodels.net.

    It is just an advantage, which the members have: they can buy a bit cheaper in two online-shops for cardmodels and papermodels. The forum itself is of course free of any charge, so everybody can get this advantage.

    Even if you would do it this way, join the forum, buy in one of the shops and cancel your membership after your purchase immediately, you would have the advantage of paying 5% less. I cant see, what´s wrong with it.

    Best regards

    Frank-Michael Goldmann
  2. swiftsword

    swiftsword Member

    Jim - it's the same site, just a different URL.

    I have respect for Mr. Pleiner's products (I'm using them myself). I was even quite excited about the new forum, until I found out it has this huge conflict of interest. Now I'm not so sure.

    In any case, soliciting members here and now is pretty tactless on the part of Mr. Goldmann. I guess he'd be the guy who's handing out business cards at a funeral...

    Just my $.02


  3. Not the right place

    Dear Korvette,

    I think, the forum of cardmodels.net is not the right place, that you start again with the subject, like you and some of your friends did the past 2 days on kartonbau.de, because this is finally the reason, why Mr. Scharnagel, the administrator, said at least "Now it´s enough". The result is, that kartonbau.de is down.

    This is my first and my last post to this list regarding kartonbau.de. I DO NOT want to take part in a discussion, which is interesting in no way for people, who like to build cardmodels and don´t want to read "political" discussions.

    This is all, what you get now and furtheron as an answer from my side.

    Best regards

    Frank-Michael Goldmann
  4. korvette

    korvette Member

    I agree,

    and hopefully we don´t get any further adverts from you and your business partners. Maybe someone will ask very soon from where you´ve got all the mailing lists...

    Discussion is the spirit of free speech - the rest is dictatorship

  5. Renaud

    Renaud Member


    Am I an alien? I am French and don't understand ANYTHING about these quibblings. I am stunned. And now, I am more and more sceptical about the growing number of forums about to exist: I don't want to spend my time running from one to another, I have a full-time job as most of us, it is no use wasting our time such a way.
    Sad day, I thought that cardmodelling was far away from this...por desgracia, cada uno va a lo suyo....
  6. Apocalypse

    Apocalypse New Member


    Usually I try not to utter my humble opinion on painful topics like this here, but Mr. Goldman, I am not one of the "friends" of Korvette, but I followed the threads on Kartonbau.de carefully.

    Your post, leaving the impression, that "korvettes" and his friends posts discussing "your" forum being the reason for the shutdown of kartonbau.de, is either a proof of not following the neighbours forum or can be seen as an active attempt to blame people for something they are not guilty of.

    For all german cardmodelers, the shutdown of Kartonbau.de is a very sad thing. It is not only because an ambitious supporter of our hobby, mr. scharnagl is fed up with annoying discussions and the split-up of the community he initiated with his forum, but also because it shows, that adult persons, all having the same interests and hobbies act like kids and destroy within hours a thing build up in years.

    It would be nicer to stop blaming and start making it better. I don`t care if there is one or five forums around. But I hope that the founders/administrators of this boards start to have a nicer way to deal with each other, to avoid such events in the future.

    Founding a forum is not an achievement, everyone can do it. Being a founder means to support and build a community over yearsnot weeks or months. I wish you all good luck with your projects, but to be honest, I wished most, that Heribert Scharnagl changes his mind and revives kartonbau.de

    Have a good night,


    P.S.: Sometimes one could get the impression that forums just get initiated to make their founders founders and kind of give them a "prominent" status. But as I wrote it, this is not achived by opening one, it's achieved by being part and heart of a community. At least Heribert found it never necessary to sign his post with the title "the founder, owner, starter of something"...
  7. Scorpio

    Scorpio Member

    Hello friends,
    KARTONBAU.DE IS NOT DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All members are preserved only this them the forum wanted to break are away for good.
    With the best greetings to all my friends of Cardmodels.com
  8. murban

    murban Member

    I can't see how kartonbau.de could not be dead. The forum is gone - not even a message about it being offline anymore - just and empty webfolder.

    And the final message of the administrator explicitly stated that it will never be opened again.

    Anyway, I hope we can recover some or all of the contents that was in there - a lot of members spent their time to fill the forum with interesting information and it would be very sad to see that go away forever.

    best regards,
  9. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Kartonbau.de is back online !
    (monday, 00:51 GMT+1)
  10. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

  11. Apocalypse

    Apocalypse New Member


    They are fully back, everything is working.

    Good news and good night,

  12. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    This makes me very happy. I didn't even have time realize that Kartonbau was gone. I visit the kartonbau forum just as frequently as i visit cardmodels.net and I would have missed it dearly. Please keep kartonbau up and running!

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys

    First allow me to say congratulations for getting Kartonbau.de up and going again.
    Is there something that we here at cardmodels.net might learn from what happened with them?
    I just want to say that I am pleased that we have a mature group who rarely have altercations or disagreements/conflicts of this nature here at carmodels.net
    We just went down and came back up and if ya'll were like me, you were going thru withdrawels while we was down. So for that reason I can sympathize with the members of Kartonbau.de .
    So Guys and Gals, take pride in the fact that we all get along so well. And lets strive to keep it that way.
    The thought of "Competing cardmodel sites" is somewhat "funny" if you think about it. It is more an "expansion of resources" than a coupe'.
    Alliegences and loyalties are an admirable quality but, limiting yourself to one or just a few "anything" is merely a self imposed limit on your ability to expand your knowledge.
    Think of new things as "resources" not competitors or enemies. Why have only one source when you can have two, three.....twelve, always strive to improve yourself and one way to do that is not limit yourselves.
    Now I am not advocating what happened over there, like I said I dont know the story, but I dont want to know it bad enough to have it "bleed over into this forum".
    So, lets all congratulate Kartonbau.de on getting back "online" and welcome any new forums, as new resources for all modelers that may arise from this unfortunate period in their history. But dont take sides, we are all on the same team......we are modelers.

    We are all in this together.

    Have a good evening everyone,

    Greg aka GW
  14. Mindaugas

    Mindaugas Member

    Hi guys,

    Good news! I was depressed, that I won't see my friends from kartonbau.de again. And now, it is running again! And nothing has changed in the forum (no lost posts, members, etc.)

    Thank you everyone who supported and revived kartonbau.de!

    Good luck! ;-)
  15. korvette

    korvette Member

    Hi folks,

    the latest news and developments so far...

    ---there will be no new forum in Germany next week. www.kartonbau-aktiv.de will not start.

    ---The reason is very simple - kartonbau.de is revitalized again and will go further on.

    ---how ?, with whom ?, with changes ? - don´t know yet, but it will go on.

    ---This is the rason why some sort of businessmen will not prevail !!



    (Thank you all for giving us the possibility to discuss this "alien" topic in your forum. Thank you for your kind hospitality !)
  16. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Always think before posting...,

    See! Works like a charm.

    Only problem is that I forgot what it was I was going to post...,

  17. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Guy Behind the Curtains

    Howdy folks. I'm pleased to have people here sharing information about the demise (and seeming rebirth) of a forum and the ones that pop up to replace it. However, I do not wish to see a competition over recruiting members. Even though it's in German and we're not competing in that language, when you've mentioned your new forum once it's informative, when you've mentioned it the next time it sounds like spamming to me.
  18. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Guy Behind the Curtains

    It's a default feature of the vBulletin software. It shows up on all the posts but your own. It's very useful for things like spam posts, or when a flame war erupts.
  19. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    Howdy all,
    I think I had enough of this topic, I think it is time to put it to rest and start talk about actual models.
  20. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Yawn...... I agree.

    Tim P
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