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    Hey Guys,

    Its me again! Eventually you will come to realize my postings are synonymous with freebies. You will think of me either as Santa or that grandfather ya had who always brought ya something when you was little. (The one who spoiled ya and made ya the way ya are today LOL).
    Ok, on to business. Once again, in my many travels on the information super highway, I stumbled across something that caught my eye in the for of a thumbnail pic. Upon further investigation and pain staking downloads of parts and instructions, I found a photo of the assembled model in the instructions which I think has to be one of the best looking tanks I have seen so far, The WWII GERMAN TIGER TANK. (see photo below).
    I know ya'll are chompin at the bit to download this model since I know you sneaked a peek at the pic before finishing reading this, so, here is the link:


    To find the model, scroll down on right side of page, the freebie is the "next to last" photo.
    Now for the painful part, you must d/l each of the 8 zip files numbered 1-8, AND the funny looking characters below the numbers are the instructions, you will have to download tem also. This is NOT a kit for the kids, its pretty darn detailed as you can see from the photo.
    The 8 files if parts and the instructions took me about 30 minutes to d/l, but of course as I have told ya'll before, I am using a 1995 compaq presario "ETCH-A-SKETCH" on dial up. *your actual milage may vary lol.
    This is a beautiful piece of work, something I definately plan on building soon.

    Ya'll have fun, and I will be back with more goodies later.

  2. RichBohlman

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    Thanks for a really GREAT find! :D
  3. jleslie48

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    kewl!!! and what a fun posting.
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  6. Jim Krauzlis

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    Thanks, Charlie!

    I'm sorry I missed your great reviews the first time around. Super job in evaluating these two freebies. I just came across them recently, but I should have know they were only "new" to me. :D


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    I always wonder why some folks put the parts on a colored background instead of a white background. Printer ink being so cheap and/or easy to refill and all. :roll: :)

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