WWII plane that looks like Spaceship one??

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  1. hpept

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    uhmmm... this is starting to be annoying (not you GT, but the fact that noone is able to find the aircraft you're describing). You said you've analyzed the footage, so it means you have a recording. Are you able to capture a frame from this footage to show us? I'm sure this would help alot.
    C'mon fellows, we're close :grin: let's join in the effort.
  2. Jim Krauzlis

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    I agree with hpept, I think we're close, but a little more info on the footage would help...what markings, where is the footage from, etc., any wing pods,

    I get the impression this is a gun ship derivation of the C-119 Boxcar, perhaps the AC-119K Stinger...the one of many things that has me stumped is the description that the fuselage ends at the trailing edge of the wings.:-?

    I've attached a three view of the C-119G, if that helps...frankly, I would love to see someone design this model in paper anyway, doesn't seem to be one available, at least not that I could find...Nobi?

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  3. hpept

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    yes Jim, i second the motion. I would appreciate very much a paper model of the flying boxcar. I already built a plastic 1:72 one in the Aeronautica Militare Italiana markings. This plane is special to me, as it was extensively used by the 46^ Brigata Aerea at the S.Giusto airport in Pisa. Since my house in Pisa is only 3kms away from the runway and on the takeoff/landing path, i used to lay on the grass in the garden to watch them passing as i was a small child of 5/6 years. During paratroopers training days it was easy to spot at least 10 shuttle flights to the jumping locations which is in Tassignano, a few kilometers away from my house.
    I was fascinated by those humming strange birds with a fat belly and two tails... if i close my eyes i can see the scene again.
  4. Texman

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    I agree, this would make a fascinating 1/144 model!. But with some of the bigger planes, I might
    break them down to 1/200 or so.

  5. GT5500

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    Sorry guys I know you are all trying to help I didn't realize it would be so difficult, but just to keep the thread tidy can you please read the description fully. Some of the pics are not really anything like I have described, thanks for the help though. The boxcar is the closest thing I have seen so far, but I am not convinced it's right. The significant difference is the main fuse on the one in the footage the fuse ends at the trailing edge another thing that may help is that the plane has straight narrow wings.
  6. Ashrunner

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    Based on your description and it being a US aircraft, I would think it might be the P-61 Black Widow.


    If its possible it could be another country aircraft, one I haven't seen mentioned yet is the Fokker G.1.


    Dave I think was probably the best guess with the DH-100 Vampire. Were it not for the canopy, it would look a lot like SS-1.


    P.S. Sorry Dave...didn't realize I spelled you name Gave ... must be an age thang.......
  7. Rick Thomson

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    Now that is an Aircraft I'd like to see done. Flight of the Pheonix (the 1965 original with Jimmy Stewart) is one of my alltime favourite flicks.
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  9. Ken Horne

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    Please don't tell me we are looking for the Lockheed P-38 Lightning... It was dismissed early on in the thread, but with no picture. Just to be sure so that we can scratch it off the list :)

    It doesn't look like this does it?

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  10. Jim Krauzlis

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    Still waiting to hear more details of the film footage, which might be helpful as a clue....markings, setting (what theatre of operation) and such are helpful to narrow down the possibilities.

    Notwithstanding, I would still like to see the C-119 as a paper model.:grin:

  11. SCEtoAux

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    What is the name of the TV show you saw it on? That might help. Maybe someone else saw or can see the show to get a look at what you are talking about. If the show is to be shown in your area again maybe you can use a camera and snap a shot of the screen when the aircraft in question is shown. :)

    Any bets on who will find the golden egg?:grin:
  12. smsuski

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    How about the Japanese army one on the Trotskiy site, I don't know its name
    Marv S.
  13. shoki2000

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  14. charliec

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    How about the Fokker G-1 - general configuration is right.



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  15. GT5500

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    I will try and take a pic of the TV I have a recording of the program so I will try that.
  16. GT5500

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    Actually come to think of it that Lightning does look similar however the plane I am trying to find had a nose conopy. Did they make a Lightning that had a nose canopy?
  17. nx13688

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    A P-38 Pathfinder?
  18. charliec

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    There were P-38s with a glazed nose - it was used as a pathfinder for other P-38s. I haven't found an image of one of these but here's a drawing from



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