WWII plane that looks like Spaceship one??

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  1. GT5500

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    I have seen a plane on the TV and it looked liked White Knight Spaceship one, it had a twin boom tail. Does anyone know what it and is there a model of it available.
  2. jleslie48

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    now really, that's not a whole lot to go on is it? I think that was the giant flying PI symbol that has been terrorizing the villagers for years...
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  4. Darwin

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    How about some of the experimentals? The swoose goose comes to mind. Howard Hughes came out with a twin tail design as well, not to mention some of the German design studies.
  5. GT5500

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    Well actually I think it was an American plane and I am sure it was WWII it was also prop driven.
    This is a pic of spaceship one, the side profile is almost identical
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  7. dwgannon

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    Are you talking about the Vampire, de Havilland built in 1946?

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  8. GT5500

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    Nope neither of them, I would say it was a large WWII fighter and it was definately prop driven
  9. Getter1

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  10. dwgannon

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    On the same page you listed there are links to the XP-54 and the XP-55. I am running out of ideas.
  11. Getter1

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    It could be either of those as well???
  12. GT5500

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    No none of them look like the picture I posted, when I say the side profile looked the same I mean the same, even down to the rounded nose. The nose on the plane in question looked a bit like a He111 only smaller.
  13. rickstef

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  14. Ken Horne

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Ok, how bout this one?

    probably not, but thought I would ask.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  16. hpept

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    Is it Fairchild C-119?

  17. GT5500

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    Ok thanks for all the help guys but so far only Hept has posted a pic of a plane that looks anything like the pic I posted. I have just been studying the footage again, and I can now add a bit more info. The plane is twin boom and both the booms are round, it has twin engines in the end of each boom (look like radials), the main fuse like the one on the pic I posted is an egg shape and ends at the trailing edge of the wing (it does not have a pointy bit that extends past the wing), it is definatley American and was camo'd with a kind of dappled pattern and finally it a had a small probe sticking out forwards from above the cockpit. Oh and I would say it is a bit too large to be a fighter so probably is a bomber and it is definately a real plane not an experimental as it was in a some war footage.
  18. Jim Krauzlis

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    How about the earlier version of the boxcar, the Fairchild C-82?


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  19. MojoTrancer

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    Is it the Daimler-Benz Project "B"?


    Here's a link to some more reference pictures:


    It's a very cool-looking airplane. And it is the spitting image of White Knight and Spaceship One. Makes one wonder if that's where Rutan and his gang got the idea.:)
  20. 46rob

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    Maybe this?

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