WWII Nazi Gold Bullion story, is it true? Or just something made up?

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Jon N, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Jon N

    Jon N New Member

    This is something Ive often wondered, I watched a History Channel special on it a long time ago but cant remember the verdict on it. Was the fabled Nazi Gold Bullion actually real or just scuttle butt made up? If it is real, has anyone ever found it or proved where it went?? If its not true I guess these questions are redundant LOL. Thanks in Advance!Yes Ive seen Kelley's Heroes but thats not the gold Im refering to. They may have spoofed the story but the thing Im refering to is the ones they were trucking out of Berlin in the last days of WWII.
  2. culture_warrior13

    culture_warrior13 New Member

    Its probably all in a swiss vault, those *******s took all the german's stolen money and never gave it back to the victims of the nazis. All nazis should be shot.
  3. Mattias

    Mattias New Member

    Alot of gold were confiscated from the Jews and other inmates of the concentration camps (in the form of jewelry and gold fillings) during the Nazi's reign in power. Most of this gold were melted down into gold bullions as you say. Alot of it ended up in Swiss banks for safe keeping and there most of it has stayed. Nobody but the banks know how much gold there is.
  4. eetrapnoel

    eetrapnoel New Member

    I remember hearing a story of them stashing loot in a lake on the German/Austrian border and supposedly still "guarded". Probably not all true though.
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