WWII M1A1 Thompson smg

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  1. Nothing

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    thanks mousemuffins,

    the second textures will probably end up on the second version. messin with mesh change it enough that running back through pep there was a heap of fixin to do. so i am at the point of "leave well enough alone".i am going to work on adressing these things on the second version as there are things that need adjusting anyway.

    darthpinapple it will be at ecardmodels.com when i am done.
  2. Nothing

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    heres progress on the 1928 version.
  3. Nothing

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    been bangin this around all evening and i got it where i like it now. i got one more thing to do and its off to see what surprises pep has for me!

  4. Stev0

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    Nothing ... why would you use low res textures????
  5. Nothing

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    lack of hi res reference???
  6. Stev0

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    It's an easy fix. Make your own. The same way you created the meshes from references. You already created the stamped designs, just re-adjust your 2D software for 300dpi. It's gonna slow down the machine but as long as you have everything in position you just switch and there you go.
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    Way too cool

    Hey nothing,

    Look what I made myself for halloween. We we're at a halloween wedding where the theme was "mobsters and movie stars".
    I decided to make one out of unprocessed paper fibre (aka wood). Turned out pretty good I think. I made the whole thing working an hour or two a day, in 7 days. The drum is a large coffee-mate container, so it's actually mostly paper. I cut the middle out and then joined the top and bottom back together, and wrapped it in a layer of poster board to smooth it out. It's not highly detailed, but I'm darn proud of it anyway.

    I plan on making a standard magazine and different grip for the front so I can convert back and forth between that gangster and military versions as the mood strikes me.

    Keep up the great work partner,


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  8. Nothing

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    thats awsome SJ!!!you did a really good job!

    stevo you cant increase the resolution beyond the original image resolution. i dont work with my programs at less than 300 dpi. plus you get degridation increasing the physical size. if i had made the model scale less than 1/1 the textures would be sharper.
  9. Stev0

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    *scratches head*
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  11. johnflys2

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    Well done. Can't wait for the Luger.
  12. Nothing

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    thanks Chris!:)
  13. Mousemuffins1

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    WOOT!! just ordered. Didn't get a download link, though. Maybe there's a delay.

    oh, while I think of it, can I ask how you measure the original gun? do you have a sample to copy, use plans or just extrapolate from illustrations?
  14. Nothing

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    when i dont have plans i find a good side picture to get the proportions right. then find the dimensions of the real thing and scale it in pep. in this instance the given length was 852mm.
    i cant wait to see what you do with this one!!
  15. Mousemuffins1

    Mousemuffins1 Member

    thanks for that. I'll get stuck in shortly, but i kinda promised someone a pulse rifle....
  16. Mousemuffins1

    Mousemuffins1 Member

    okay! arrived and started planning/ laminating. this is going to be fun...
  17. Nothing

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  18. Nothing

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    working on it. i am really fond of the luger so i will be pushing my sanity on it.it will take some time to pull it together.;)
  19. Major Walter Schmidt

    Major Walter Schmidt Newbie Designer

    Maybe you can make artillery versions... Better yet, print it on gold paper and make a Goring Luger!
  20. DHL

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    It looks great

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