WWI Coastal Ships

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    I just started in this hobby. I'm interested in WWI ships. Space is limited so Dreadnoughts and Cruisers are probably out of the picture for me. Can anybody provide a list and locations of where I might find WWI coastal ships card models in 1/200?

    I've found the Digital Navy V108 and Quest TB98M and am interested in more models.
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    There are some very nice models available at Paper Shipwright. A couple of them are free ones, too.

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    Greetings from OZ,

    I hope to be able to convert a WW2 US Sub Chaser card kit into a WW1 Chaser (I have plan and side diagrams to help), then from this convert to the RNs WW1 Elco built ML (Motor Launch), again I have diagrams. This could be a little way off time wise as I'm currently doing WW2 boats in 144th and 72nd scales.

    If you are interested in the WW1 boats send me an e-mail.

    Roger Pearson.
    Bendigo, Australia.

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