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  1. I recently finished building a couple of the 1/43 scale armored cars from the allfrompaper.ru site. These are all free downloads, and there are many others available that I've yet to build. If you like armored cars, you must visit this site. The models are excellent. The kits are intended to be printed on A4 paper, and they lose a litle size when printed on letter sized paper, so my finished models are in the neighborhood of 1/48-1/50 scale.

    First up is the Russo-Balt from 1914. The colors are a little garish on this one, so I did I very simple recolor with Photoshop. I also moved the Imperial Russian tricolor flags to the sides of the hood (bonnet). I layered the doors and hatches to make them stand out from the body, and made grab handles from thin wire.

    One thing I like about these models is the interior boxes behind the machine guns.

    The completed body.

    Wheel/tire parts.

    Finished model mounted on a paper base.

    Right side.

    Left side.

    Next is the Jeffery-Poplavko, 1917. I recolored this one to recreate the "Janosik" vehicle used by the Czech legion during the Russian Civil war. Once again, I layered all the hatches and doors for a better look. I lightly weathered the model with some earth colored acrylic paints.

    Again, you can see the interior machine gun boxes.

    The finished body.

    Closeup of recolored spotlight.

    Jeffpop on it's paper base.

    Overhead shot (closest color match)

    I had a lot of fun building these 2 little armored cars, and intend to build them all eventually.
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    You did a great job on these. The owner of the site is a really nice guy too. He offers wonderful models, and for FREE!! I would like to see just slightly bigger pictures.

    Direct Link:

  3. pipin

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    good job! very polished
  4. Thank you fellas. Zathros, my photos are really bad (old technology camera). In this case, I think bigger would be worse. I have a better camera, but I have to put aside building paper models in order to read the instruction manual. I've been meaning to do that for over a year now. I think 2012's gonna be the year!
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    a wonderful job! Many thanks for the pictures!
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    Years ago I built the Russo Balt too. To avoid concave walls I glued them all on a 0,5mm card. The version I built was black & white - to make it easy on my wallet :p
  7. If I'm not mistaken, until the revolution, grey or green were both used for Russian military vehicles so your B&W 1914 Russo Balt is accurate. Good idea to back your parts. I only reinforced with cardboard where the hood (bonnet), and passenger area mated up. Other than that, it's all just 65lb stock.
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    I like 110 lb stock for this kind of stuff, especially laminated, it gets really strong and if you score the backside, it hurts like he......wait ...........what were we talking about, oh yeah! it bends easy!:)
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    Matte laminated or gloss?

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