wuts a good Rc Helicopter????

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by kxk1002, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. kxk1002

    kxk1002 New Member

    i'm in the market 4 a rc heli but im a beginner & don't know wuts a fun & inexpensive PLEASE & THX
  2. Meat Mountain

    Meat Mountain New Member

    check out airhogs, they make affordable styrofoam choppers, one's about 40$, the other's about 70$USD
  3. juggling_chef

    juggling_chef New Member

    so before i get started you will need a RC flight simulator i suggest the "real-flight G3.5 flight simulator." it will cost you about $200 but it will save you more than $2000.OK you do not want the cheap stuff, because the cheap stuff is crap, ill leave it at that. i would say get ether a "Blade CX" or an "Axe EZ" they both have counter rotating blades so they don't need a tail roter,and they are immensely stable. they both are in the range from $150 to $200.that would be for indoor flying if you want a 3D heli than you should get a "Blade CP"(the CP stands for collective pitch) it is a good starter. it is cheap to repair and once you can fly its a blast. if you want a gas heli that you should get a "Raptor 30" that will get you started nice and well off, but that might cost you about $1000-$2000(thats if you don't already have a transmitter)

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