Wrebbit Paper Clock Template Needed!!!

Discussion in 'Kit Reviews' started by LoopYLaZuLi, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. LoopYLaZuLi

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    Hello Everyone! My name is Crista. I had to pick up some trash from the side of the street today, and I found a Wrebbit Paper clock kit. It looked to have all the pieces, so I brought it home to investigate. Upon investigation, I found that everything is there....except the first template for frame Da. I am really looking forward to building this, and I thought maybe someone here would have a copy of the template that they could copy and share with me. I will totally appreciate any help that you can offer!

    I need Template I Frame Da.

    Thanks! And be sure to smile!
  2. armysaxman

    armysaxman New Member


    I think I have this one. Email saxonthebeach at hotmail dot com and let me know if you still need it and I'll look for it.
  3. dwlark

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    Hey I bought the puzzle at a garage sale its all there except the directions!!! we could trade I can print the part you need and you could send me the directions and then we can see if our clocks work could be fun
    thank you

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