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    At present I am working on recreating a part of London in a virtual 3D world... thanks for pointing out this program... it would make my work so much easier! Have shared it with my fellow developers :)
  3. Revell-Fan

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    This is unbelievable! IF this software is released I hope it will be affordable for us "little people" ;-) . Thank you for the link!
  4. Rogerio Silva

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    Unbelievable AND fantastic! Unfortunately, it's still under the scrutiny of the Tel Aviv University, if I'm not mistaken. I read they plan to release a demo for the market soon, but WHEN is "soon"?
    I'm sure it would make a lot of our work much easier...
  5. Revell-Fan

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    However, apparently this works only with basic shapes (circles, rectangles and so on). More complex shapes may require some special preparation in the first place. I'd love to have a software which is able to reconstruct a 3D model directly from a blueprint or an image showing the bottom, side, back, front and top view. THAT would be really great.
  6. chrisstahl

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    The technology is rather mind-boggling! I guess this is a similar technology like that used for creating 3D-movies. It's incredible.

    For modeling, I think this kind of thing is not helpful, because I think, if you can create models so easily, then where is the joy in it? Where is the challenge... if it becomes so easy to create something, how can it satisfy you once you manage to make it work...
    Sooner or later it will be available to everyone, but I'm afraid it will also affect the quality of models. The net will be flushed with even more half-baked models, because anyone can make a model of anything without any skill or creativity.
  7. zathros

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    You'd be surprised how fast you cab do similar shapes in Rhino3D 5.0. This is interesting and has much potential, but there is stuff (like Rhino3D) that is basically doing the same thing now, and a whole lot more. You don't get the high polygone shapes either. I think if people invested some cash (using the student license method, for those of you with children), you can get a fully functional copy of Rhino3D 5.0, for three computers, same as the commercial product, for $200 dollars, and be doing very similar work now. In Rhino, you get parametric scaling, the ability to change dimensions form inches to millimeters and way too many options to list, and it's here now. I not only use pictures to take shapes, but can also use their textures, as show in that clip. It is not advanced as you might think. I think their biggest problem will be going through the maze of patents, and copyrights covering much of this. :)

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