Would you play a game with paper miniatures?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by Blackronin, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Klydezilla

    Klydezilla New Member

    Sounds cool. I have made the resin models and the cost gets high fast.
  2. brivette007

    brivette007 New Member

    I dunno, I like to make models, never really play games with them...
  3. erebus

    erebus New Member

    I would love to do that! me and a buddy are making some imperial star destroyer fleets to battle it out. Anyone know however we can get some rules for that kind of thing? I bet alot of guys on here would prob be interested in a space table top game.
  4. lensmanx

    lensmanx New Member

    Hells yeah!
  5. lensmanx

    lensmanx New Member

    Now, paper TERRAIN ... that's where you can save lots of money and still put on an awesome game. Can I recommend WorldWorks Games?
  6. mastrcontrol

    mastrcontrol New Member

    If it's tasteful, then yes. I've seen some of the titans and tanks running around here and they look awesome. The level of detail that can be put into a paper model really sells it. For more organic things such as infantry and giant beasts I think plastic/lead looks nicer still.
  7. Experimental Designs

    Experimental Designs Papercraft Visionary

    I would definitely play wargames with paper miniatures when resources are scarce.
  8. Hodrad

    Hodrad New Member

    I love the idea of using Paper Models for table top gaming, the problem is some hardcore groups wont allow you to bring paper units into their "pure" game.
  9. Experimental Designs

    Experimental Designs Papercraft Visionary

    Not to step on anyone's toes here but the "purists" have a lack of an imagination. :rolleyes:
  10. tmac3123

    tmac3123 New Member

    I would definately play a game similar to warhammer and the sort. I would even play a game with paper miniatures such as chess :p Ive always considered making an anime themed papercraft chess set, just never got around to it :(
  11. lehcyfer

    lehcyfer Member

    I use paper models of Warhammer 40k vehicles. And I never was asked out of a tournament - they're just so realistic :)


    (orks are plastic of course :p )
  12. Sanginus

    Sanginus Member

    WAAAGH, :-D
    it looks great, so many details at the buggy/thank,
    your work looks much better than some GW models!!
  13. lehcyfer

    lehcyfer Member

    The original is Gunwagon from Forge World, detail price 42£

    Mine costed me a few PLN - it was paper model from Patoroch (download):


    The floor was made from plastic strips used to packing boxes for transport - they have this nice texture, the only other nonpaper parts are pieces of straws used for exhaust pipes, droplets of white glue (twice) for rivets and a wooden stick for the front wheels axle.
  14. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That model is fantastic. When you showed pics of the rivets in the other thread, I was hoping to see more of the model. Incredible! :)
  15. KMSullivan

    KMSullivan New Member

    Playing With Paper

    I tried to post a reply but it seems to have disappeared!

    If I made a Chess set of paper, I'd play with it. Gently.

    Knowing me, I'd probably start making another set right away - just in case a piece got broken.
  16. vader111

    vader111 New Member

    yes i would!
  17. Nitebytes

    Nitebytes New Member

    I've used paper models for Tabletop wargaming. I Built a Dreath Star Trench Run out of paper and card for a special event at my games club, and have made buildings and other scenics for 40K WHF, and 'The Game With No Name' (it's a western) battles.
    But nothing to the awesomeness of that gunwagon! Kudos and props to you sir!

    It's so much cheaper than buying the shop sold stuff!, and just as much fun to put together, and more satisfying to look at when it's finished.
  18. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    And you can go nuts if your with the right group of people, start using Lighter Fluid s a Flame thrower and burn up the whole battlefield. The Horror, the horror!.................or not. :)

  19. terrinecold

    terrinecold Member

    I (recently) came to paper modeling to create replacements for a man o' war incomplete fleet. I started this WE to build War 40K models so I would say that is a resounding yes.
    Not just from a price perspective, honestly the time passed to build a nice paper model is probably worth the price of the plastic, I like it because of the satisfaction I have in the building and the idea that I can design some (although my designs are really simple for now)
  20. GM1983

    GM1983 New Member

    Funny you say that, its what a friend and I did last Saturday with our 40k proxy armies. Our wives where none to pleased though...announce1

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