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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by cpNscale, Nov 21, 2003.

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    Keep in mind this is my first railroad I have ever built that I have got into senery and design.This layout is best descibed as freelance I didn't follow any published plan, just laid out the track on what was appessing to me and this is what I came up with.I wanted to model the spiral tunnels in the Canadian Rockies on a much smaller scale because of space limitations.
    This picture is what the crossing would look like with a long span bridge accross my river and tracks.Also try the visulize the styro as a bridge.

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  2. cpNscale

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    Secondly would be a short double portal tunnel that would allow the upper track to cross both tracks and the river by a short bridge on the right

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  3. SD90

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    Nice work so far, a fellow Nscaler who is modeling the spiral tunnels, cool. I need to figure out how to model bridges too, I don't have any on my layout yet. I think there are so many modeling oppourtunities in the Rockies, it's a great place to base your model railroad on. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress.

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    Are we voting again? :)

    I vote for the long bridge on top. You could even make it a compound (right word?) bridge - meaning, a girder, a truss bridge, etc... pieced together. I think that would look really cool.
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    I'm no artist...but I like the long bridge idea.

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    I think a nice wooden trestle would look great. There are some neat kits out their. I had an opportunity to walk on the Myra Canyon trestles (before the fire) and was just amazed at the construction. I am trying to figure one into my next NTrak Module.


  7. cpr_paul

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    I'd go with the long bridge - I think it better suits the period you're modelling.

    Welcome btw, from another CP N scale modeller.

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