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    My second build. Sorry as I did not have a camera during most of this build, therefore most of the parts have already been cut/glued and primed. Voroshilovets_1.jpg

    I have been using the above image as reference for this build.
    Body with most of the details added, none of the bogies are glued in at this point. Working hitch. Primmed with home made OD green acrylic.
    Bogies and drive wheels as well as one complete suspension unit test fitted.
    Cargo box with hinges scratch built for tailgate. (pins not trimmed yet) Pins in upper corners for working latches for drop sides.
    Cargo box on main body showing seats as well as front seat and fuel/oil tanks. Not sure yet but I believe I will go ahead and rebuild the seats in thin wood.
    Cabin. still working on roof as well as radiator. Did not like what was included. Having trouble with the door hinges. Re-made them several times been as careful as possible, but even with Super-Glue they break loose. They are lined up as I run a pin down through all the hinges when aligning and gluing on. I think my next try will be thin brass sheet and hand form the hinge, and glue them in with wax-paper between the hinge leafs.
    Interior shot. scratch-built the dash and instruments. Added the beat up leatherette seats ( from an old box, soaked the box in water and glue holding the leatherette covering dissolved, let dry and cut to fit.
    General idea on what it will look like when all is done...but it will be some time before completed. Still have half the tracks to cut out and glue up as well as all the track parts. So don't hold your breath waiting ;)
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    This is SPECTACULAR!!!
    The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is ASTOUNDING!!!
    I am following this thread!!!
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    It is always enjoyable to see another scratch builder perform his magic. Great model and looking forward to more of your magic. Thanks for sharing.
  4. zathros

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    I was gifted this. It is so awesome I have not built up the steam to start it.

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