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    Found one. :) National Rails NR30 in "indigenous" livery.


    Australian "indigenous art" (aboriginal art is based on dot paintings), using clays and ochres etc from the environment.

    Samples of indigenous art here
  2. Woodie

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    ... and my National Rail BL 29, hauling The Ghan.

    Well, this pic is not quite prototypical. The rollingstock to be used on The Ghan to Darwin is more than 30 years old. Here it is with "Railways of Australia" logos on the coaches, as they were in the 70's, on the Indian-Pacific. The National Rail locos have only recently been done in this livery (6 years, maybe).

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    ... and as I ain't got a layout no more... (working on it..... slowly)... the floor had to do. :)

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